Saturday, January 22, 2022

School Holidays - Week 6

This week was quiet on the week days whole Craig & I were at work - a trip into town for errands, riding the quad bike, playing uno, playing the piano, gaming on the Wii and swimming.

The weekend was a little more exciting- a trip to the hair dresser for cuts.  I went a with chunky foils this time - love it!

We spotted this wall of graffiti while we were picking up Clay's school books.

We headed to Ally & Luke's for a play date with their kids- Mario race sets, Hungry Hippo and nerf wars - lots of fun :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Thrifty Thursday

Clay and I popped into 3 op shops over the weekend - I had a few items I was looking for and managed to find 3x things and a LOT of goodies ;)

Saturday morning we popped into 2 op shops -
Item 1 - food bowl for the piggies $1

Activity kit for Clay $4

Clay spotted this ring $2 - I'm trying to convince him to let me keep it LOL

Item 2 - nibble/ party tray $6 each. I wanted on for the camper and decided to grab another one for home (I have a really big one, so need something smaller)

Top $7

There was no price on this piece of fabric, so the ladies gave it to me for free :)

Necklace $3

At the 2nd shop I found -
Dress and 2x tops $6 each

Item 3 - roasting fork $1
Cheese knife $1

Stampin' Up stamp set $5

Clay found a quartz rock $1.50

Mario $5

Sunday morning we dropped off a bag of donations and of course I couldn't resist a quick look ;)
Dress $7

Necklace $3

Clutch $6

Tupperware $1

Clay found a large bag full of Shopkin sets $15

Monday, January 17, 2022

Painted Rocks

I've kicked off my creative goals with 3x painted rocks - quick and easy, but lots of fun :)

Sunday, January 16, 2022

School Holidays- Week 5

Well we kicked off this week with a case of measles!! I had 3 days off work to stay with Clay and make sure he was happy and comfortable.  Monday was just chilling with the tablet, watching movies and Clay discovered karaoke on the Wii LOL  

Tuesday Clay was feeling a bit more settled - so he  played with lego and new Christmas toys, we cuddled with the piggies, he made scones with Nanny, played uno and painted his volcano.

Wednesday we painted rocks, played the Wii, had a swim, and FINALLY erupted the volcano! I got the slow cooker out and made corn meat and veges - delicious!

Thursday I headed back to work, so it was Clay and Nanny at home - lots of building train tracks, playing some new (2nd hand) games Craig brought for the Wii, board & card games and swimming :)

Saturday morning we set the camper up and gave it a clean inside and out- stripped the beds, wiped out the fridge, swept and mopped.  Now it's ready for our next camping trip.  We did some errands in town and popped into 2 op shops before heading down to the beach for fish & chips. We had a swim at home and then baked cupcakes.