Thrifty Thursday

>> Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mum and I are still getting to pop into our fave op shops on a regular basis and the occassional garage sale.  We were excited to find out that a new op shop opened too!

Garage sale find - hanging baskets 3 for $1.  I will spray paint these black, add a liner and plant - then hang on our front verandah.

More!! cookie cutters and some sandwhich cutters 20c each

Toolbox 50c.  Bag of toys $2 - kept the Little People, wind up monkey and the LP car and donated the others back.

The day after I found the toolbox, mum and I popped into a new op shop that had opened in town and I found the set of plastic tools for 50c - perfect :)

I also found this gorgeous glass bird feeder / bird bath $5

Single bed feather doona $8 also from the new op shop.  I normally wouldn't look at the doonas, but mum pointed out how clean it looked.  We looked it over and there were no marks and it smelt fresh & clean - so I snapped it up ready for when Clay goes into a big boy bed.  The pink sunglasses print bag $2 is for putting dirty laundry in when I travel / go to retreats and the little fabric bag $2 is perfect size to pop my camera into and hang off Clay's stroller.

Nappy wallet $1 - great to keep in the car or pop on the stroller if we are only going out quickly.

2 more Pyrex bowls & lids - love these!!  $1 for the small and $3 for the large one.

Unopened box of nappy liners $3 and a pair of shorts for Clay $2


Everyday Moments

>> Sunday, August 14, 2016

Icecream break while out op-shopping with mummy and Ma Ma :)

Finally snapped a photo of my new haircut!

Delicious dessert Kylie made for a party plan party one weekend.

Date night to see "Ghostbusters" (which was awesome!!) and dinner :)  I think this was our first date night since we had Clay!

Cathie, Kylie and Charlee popped in for morning tea and a catch up on Friday :)  Clay adored "baby" Charlee and kept patting her LOL


Clay's First Pony Ride

>> Sunday, August 7, 2016

Yesterday at the Strawberry Festival Clay went for his first pony ride :)  His horse loving Nanny was very excited and a little emotional - she has a similar picture of Craig having his first pony ride :)

We stopped so he could see and pat the ponies which he was very happy / excited about.  That went well, so Nanny offered to pay for a ride.

Safety first - helmet on!

I don't wanna wear this silly thing!!

Tantrum over and off they go :)

I was laughing too much to take photos, but back they came - the horse riderless and Craig carrying Clay :)  Apparently the horse stumbled a little bit and Clay wanted OFF!  So they walked the rest of the way around LOL


Bargara Strawberry Festival

>> Saturday, August 6, 2016

Craig had the weekend off, so we decided to go the the Bargara Strawberry Festival for the first time.  The weather was perfect, so we hopped into the car, picked up Nanny and headed to the festival.  The first thing we spotted were the camels LOL

We didn't see any strawberries, but did find this apple / capsicum for a photo :)

The main stage had lots of different entertainment - bands, dancers, etc.

There were heaps of market stalls with homemade crafts, food stalls, wine tasting, etc and even a side-show alley area for the kids.

Mr Independant :)  Even though there were lots of people - it was definately less crowded than the Childer's festival and Clay was happy to walk around.

I did buy some yummy fresh strawberries and icecream :)


Childer's Multicultural Festival

>> Sunday, July 31, 2016

We were looking forward to the Multicultural festival this year :)  We woke up to perfect weather and decided to head off early to try and avoid the crowds - bahahaha When we got there the were thousands of people there already - oh well :)

Clay was not a happy camper with the huge crowds / loud music - he burst into tears and wanted out of his stroller and in daddy's arms were it was safe :(  He continued to cry as we walked around, but once we got away from the stalls / crowd and found somewhere to sit - he settled back down to his happy self.

We ate some lunch and listened to the live entertainment, then braved the crowds again for a bit more of a look around.

We stood for awhile listening to the bagpipes.

Happy in daddy's arms :)

Icecream makes everything better :)

Hopefully next year Clay isn't as scared of crowds and we can spend a bit longer there :)


Thrifty Thursday

>> Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mum and I have been visiting the op shops a bit more regularly lately and even getting up early to check out a few garage sales :)  As usual I have found lots of lovely goodies that just "had" to come home with me LOL

Metal Christmas tin $1, Easter container 50c, set of metal cookie cutters $1

Wooden shapes 50c, soap scents $2 each, wooden birds $2

Dinosaur sandwhich cutter 50c

Shirt for me $8

Little People 3x bags of toys $2 each - as usual kept the LP and donated the other toys back.

Mega Blocks bus for outside play $1

Book 50c

Have you found any goodies lately?


Kaiser Kraft Exchange

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2016

About a month ago Kaisercraft arranged a Kraft Exchange - where you signed up, were assigned a random partner (mine was Tehri from Finland), created anything you wanted eg cards, PL page, OTP, etc (as long as it used Kaiser products) and posted it off.  Then you would recieve a parcel from a different person.

I procrastinated too long over what to make - I just couldn't decide cause I knew nothing about the person I was posting too.  In the end I decided to make some cards - I reasoned even if they were a card maker, you can never have too many cards in your stash :)  I made 4 cards - 2x male and 2x female using either Kaiser papers, dies, PL cards, etc.

Once they were done and packaged up in my fave chevron paper bags I decided to also pop a small bag of Kaiser goodies too :)

I hope she likes them :)


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