Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hospital Day 24-30

Day 24 - I took my first solo steps with crutches outside of the safety of the parallel bars today.  It was scary and exciting - it took a lot of courage to take that firat step, but I'm determined to walk without my walker anymore!

Craig told me that as he was putting stuff tbrough at shops and heard Clay say "Hmmm yum egg" and looked down to see he had a creme egg open and licking it!!  So he had to buy it.  Guess that's one way to get lollies without dad saying no! Bahaha

Day 25-26 - Visits from mum, Craig and Clay enjoying the gardens, making cards and physio session in the afternoon.

Day 27-30 - I have gotten the gastro and vomitting bug that everyone in my room has :(  We are all now quarantined to the room and all staff and visitors need to wear a mask, gown and gloves before entering.  I don't want anyone getting the bug so will wait till quarantine is lifted before they visit again.  Feeling a bit lonely though.  The wardsman got me some colour pencils to use so I could keep making cards - which I get to keep as they can't clean them after being in the ward with the bug- what a wonderful surprise!!

Day 28 - I was worried that being quarantined would out my physio back, but luckily Jess gowned up and we worked on using my crutches in the room.  Today I have upgraded from hopper to crutches now!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Home Modifications

Occupational therapy did a home visit a few weeks ago to see if anything needed to be done to make sure the house was safe for me to come back to.  The biggest change is some rails down the back stairs - someone has come in to measure for them and once they are fabricated they will be installed next week.

Mum has borrowed a shower chair for me and just need to get a toilet frame sorted.

Yesterday mum and some family friends boxed out and cemented over the steep ramp at the back door.  Now it is much more level and I'll be able to get out the back more!!!  Unfortunately once I started having problems walking it was too difficult for me to get out the back, so most of Clay's play with me was restricted to inside or the front verandah when it waa just us at home.  Now that the ramp has been levelled out there will be nothing stopping us from spending most days outside again!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018


I set up in the ward dining room after lunch today and made 2 more cards today.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hospital Day 17-23

Day 17 - 19 - My days are filled with visits from family and frienda, making cards and physio sessions.  Physio ia happy with my progress and have decided instead of goingvhome and using my walker I am going to use crutches instead!  I used crutches inside the parallel bars at physio.

This random find was spotted in the corner of the laundry LOL

Day 20 - Had my first try of using elbow crutches inside the parallel bars - much easier and more stable than crutches.  Swapped my rollator for a hopper - a walking frame with wheels at front and stoppers at back.  

Day 21- More practice using the elbow crutches.

Day 22 - Had a CT scan at 7pm - want to check why I have been getting abdominal pain since my surgery.

Day 23 - Results of CT scan - nothing that requires aurhery.  Dr thinka it's a pulled muscle.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hospital Day 11-16

Day 11 & 12 - Physio sessions - walking further every day, trips upstairs to see Kylie and time spent outside enjoying the fresh air.

Day 13 - headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and do some people watching.  Kylie was discharged and headed home.  

Was given the exciting news thats I am being transfered back to Bundaberg tomorrow!!  Mum organised her train ticket ans packes both of our bags - I think she's as excited to be going as I am :)

At 9pm as I'm just getting ready for bed I'm told I need to have an MRI as the head surgeon wants to check how the operation went.

Day 14 - After a very long day with lots of changes to the flight I finally boarded the RFDS plane just after 4pm.  Mum caught a train at 11am and beat me back LOL  When I got to the hospital I was met by Craig and Clay.  The ambulance officers stopped in the hallway and lowered my stretcher so Clay could hop up for a cuddle.  There was lots of excitementand happy tears.  I went up to the medical ward.

Day 15 - I was moved down to the PARAS ward ready to start rehabilitation.  I get my staples removex - 27 !!  There is a group dining room and lounge room and a large enclosed garden.  Lots of space for Clay to run around.

Day 16 - Mum brought Clay up to spend a few hours with me running around the garden and smooching.  I also started physio sessions in the rehab gym.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


This afternoon I finally got the box of card making supplies that Kristy gave me in Brisbane!  I set up at a table in the ward dining room and had a little play.   I created this card for Tanya's birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hospital Day 5-10

Day 5 - Surgery day!!  I woke up nervous / scared.  At 10.30am  they took me downstairs to theatre, 45mins later I was in the induction room getting various drips put in my arms and then wheeled into theatre.  Surgery was done, then next minute I'm awake with a splitting headache and feeling extremely nauseous.  I pass out again, wake up to someone in scrubs talking to me, pass out again.  Finally wake up to rexovery nurse telling me it's time to go back to my room - I tell them I'm not awake enough yet.  Get back to my room to find my mum ia slightly panicked beause I'd been gone for nearly 7 hours.  Made a quick call to Craig to reassure him that I'm ok, then go back to sleep till 10pm.

Found out that my surgery took a little longer than normal because once the started it caused a dural tear-  A watertight sac of tissue (dura mater) covers the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. A tear in this covering can occur during surgery. It is not uncommon to have a dural tear during any type of spine surgery. If noticed during the surgery, the tear is simply repaired and usually heals uneventfully.

Day 6-8- I had to spend 48 hours laying flat on my back!  I am still pretty pain feee and feeling fabulous.   Day 8 I was supposed to take my first steps, but my blood pressure dropped too low and I was dizzy. 

Kristy brought me Krispy Kreme donuts!!!!

View from my room.

Day 9 - I took my first few steps across the room!!  Only a little bit of pain!  Mum filmed it for me, but there is a flaah of my bum, so wont be sharing it! :)

Found out that my friend Kylie was in the ward above me - she was being treated for a post-surgery infeection, so mum headed up to see her and say hello for me.

Day 10 -  Went for a longer walk today - all the way to tje nurse's station - physio said I have exceeded their expectations.

I hopped in a wheelchair and mum and I went upstairs to say a quick hello to Kylie before we escaped downstairs to enjoy some fresh air.

Doing my breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and reduce risk of blood clots.