Scrapbook Layouts

>> Friday, February 17, 2017

I had a scrap night a few weeks ago and finished 2 layouts I started at the last Simply Crafty :)


Everyday Moments

>> Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kylie and Charlee popped into see Cathie and I at work a few weeks ago :)

Mum gave me a bag of zucchini so I had a go at making zucchini chips - very delicious, but will leave them cook a bit longer / crisp up more next time.

The temperatures have been extremely high this summer - we've spent a lot of time in the air-con or swimming and enjoying cooling ice blocks - lazy summer days.

We all joined the library last week - I got sick of re-reading the same books on my bookshelf.

Mum made me a pillowcase pattern dress and shirt using a single sheet Diane had gotten me from the op shop (she thought it was a cot sheet).  Lovely fit and sooo nice and cool in this hot weather!  Already discussing going to Spotlight to get some fabric to make more :)

Clay having a play with some new paint brushes I brought him recently - not sure if he got more paint on the paper or on himself LOL


Thrifty Thursday

>> Thursday, February 9, 2017

First Thrifty Thursday for 2017!  It's been months (last November) since I've been op-shopping and I couldn't wait to hit them again!!  Monday Mum, Clay and I popped into 2 of our favourite oppies!   I was hoping to find some Pyrex, but no luck - I didn't walk out empty handed though :)

I got a single doona cover and sarong $5 each to use as practice material so Mum and I could have a go at making me some pillowcase dresses just to wear around the house.

2x $2 bags of mixed toys - kept the mega blocks and Little People car & helicopter and re-donated back the rest.

Tupperware salt & pepper shakers $4 and another cookie cutter 20c


Sunset Photos in the Park

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Craig had a RDO yesterday, so we decided to take Clay to the park after I finished work.  I asked Craig to grab my "big" (SLR) camera so I could get some photos.  I have gotten into the lazy habit of just snapping photos on my phone - it takes pretty good quality photos, but the big camera is sooo much better!  These are some of my faves - some will be scrapped and some will be printed to hang on the wall (something else I need to do a bit more regularly!).


Everyday Moments

>> Monday, January 16, 2017

We have been lucky enough to many catch ups with friends over the last two months - Kristy and her friends were in Hervey Bay just after Christmas and popped into visit us one day (forgot to take photos - so disappointed!).

I had to work, but Craig and Clay headed to the beach to join family to celebrate Brodie's birthday.

A friend I haven't seen since high school was in town on holidays recently and asked to catch up. It was lovely to meet Katrina's husband and daughter and to introduce her to Craig and Clay.  Tahlia won Clay over by showing him his photo in snapchat :)

Bec, Dale & the kids popped in briefly on their way home from the Sunshine Coast recently.  Clay had been napping when they arrivced, so wasn't exactly a social butterfly or excited to see them - oops.  Bec & Bella decided to photo bomb him in a photo LOL

We've had a few catch up swimming lessons due lately - it's amazing to see how much Clay has improved!

Clay LOVES his cubby house that Ma Ma got him for Christmas - he plays in it everytime we go outside.  He also takes great delight in shutting Indy in there if he's silly enough to follow Clay in LOL


Cuzzie's Play Date

>> Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mum and the boys came over this morning for a swim - sooo nice in this ridiciously hot weather!  After our swim, we played in the shade to cool off.  There was lots of squealing and laughing as Cohan zoomed Clay around in his car :)

Jaxson had a go too, but poor Cohan was a bit too big for it LOL


Old McDonald's Farm

>> Friday, January 13, 2017

Old McDonald's Farm was back at the zoo again this week, so after swimming lessons this morning we went for a visit.  Clay wasn't as keen this visit - not sure if it was because he was tired after swimming or a bit frightened.  He wasn't keen on patting the animals, but was happy to sit and watch them.


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