Monday, July 10, 2017

School Holidays

Cohan & Jackson spent the 2nd week of the school holidays with mum, but due to be on the Gold Coast and work, we only got to see them for 2 days before they headed home.

Friday morning we met up at a new playground in Bargara for a play before swimming lessons.  The new park is fantastic - lots of different play equipment for all ages.

Saturday morning Mum and the boys came over for a play & ice block :)

Hopefully next holidays we will get a bit more time to catch up with them xo

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Saturday night we made 2 different card designs (and 2 of the same card).

Sunday night we made 4 more cards - this time we varied the designs so we had 4 different cards

Friday, July 7, 2017

Gold Coast Trip - Day 4

We stopped at Logan so I could have my first trip to IKEA - OMG heaven!!  "I just want 2 things...."  - 1 hour and $65 later and I walked out without one of my 2 things (only because it was out of stock) LOL

Back in the car after shopping up a storm, the stopped at Caboolture for lunch and pick up some Krispy Kreme!

Last stop at Gympie for Clay to stretch his legs and get the wiggles out.  

We didn't get home till 6pm - it felt likea looonnnggg trip home, but was so worth it for such a wonderful, busy 4 days away :)  Looking forward to another trip in December!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gold Coast Trip - Day 3

We headed off for some more sightseeing - first stop was Eagle Heights Mountain Resort to check out the views.

We headed up to Mt Tambrouine - we couldn't find a carpark so we could hop out and have a look around the shops, so headed up further to look at the different lookouts.  We watched some para-gliders jumping off the mountain - crazy!!

After that lovely drive we headed back to Surfers Paradise to Australia Fair shopping centre for lunch - Yum Cha!!  Kristy and Boo hadn't tried Yum Cha before - so that was a yummy experience for them :)

After lunch it was time to do some retail therapy - woo hoo!!  Kmart, then the anticipated Daiso where I shopped up a storm and another discount shop.

Needed to re-energise after all that shopping so stopped to have ice-cream - Clay was excited :)  McDonald's has salted caramel pie - shut up and take my money!!!

We headed home for a rest and chilled out evening.  Kristy and I made some more cards - I have converted her to the craft -side bahahaha!! 


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gold Coast Trip - Day 2

Saturday we decided to have a BBQ lunch with friends.  We headed to the shops to pick up some supplies and stopped at 7 Eleven so I could get my slurpee and Krispy Kreme donut fix :)

Kirsty took us for a tour around her neighbourhood - we drove through the Marina and checked out some pretty impressive boats!

Kristy cooked a delicious roast lamb in the Webber BBQ.  A friend from high school came over and I got to meet her gorgeous little girl - due to privacy I won't share any photos.  It was lovely to catch up with Michelle - I haven't seen her since our 10 year school reunion!

After lunch and chilling for a bit, we decided to head into Surfer's Paradise for a look around.  First stop was Broadwater, then past Seaworld.

Some gorgeous sunset pics from Southport :)  Checked out the fancy hotels, Commonwealth games pool arena and where Kirs / Boo are having their joint birthday party in December,

From there we parked the car and headed to Cavill Mall for a look. Checked out Doughnut Time, but not tempted to buy any :)

We walked up the mall and got something for Clay to eat - then headed to the board walk.  We sat chatting and people watching while Clay ate.  Then time for some pics!

A quick picture with the Lizard Man outside of Ripley's Believe it or Not!  Both Craig and Clay look really impressed LOL

Stopped at Ben & Jerry's for some yummy icecream.

Craig decided to grab a slice of pizza instead.

After that we headed back home - Boo and Clay crashed after a busy day :)

Craig and Clay headed to bed, Kristy made creaming soda cupcakes while I set up for some card makring.  We each got 4 cards made before we headed to bed.