Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas in July Day 19-21

E - Ephemera (I used a page from an old book)

T - Tinsel or twine or tree or toy

O - Oval shape

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July Day 15-18

I'm slowly catching up :)

Y - Yo-Yo or Suffolk Puff

T - Tag - handmade/handcut tag, die-cut tag, purchased luggage tag

I - In fashion eg birds, glimmermist, banner, owls, etc

M - Music eg sheet music, stamp with music, cuttlebug music embossing folder

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July Day 10-14

I - Ice/snow or indigo

N - Noel or nativity or North Pole

J - Joy or Jesus or jingle bells

U - Unmounted stamp (take a photo of stamp and card)

L - Love or love heart

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our cruise tickets & documents arrived yesterday - super exciting!!! Lots of fun going through all the paper work and checking out all the details :) Even better, we got the cabin we were hoping for - it's on the same deck as the International show lounge - Craig is happy cause "it's not too far to stumble back to the cabin" LOL

Last night Cathie, Kylie and Elena came over for a card-making session. Well Cathie & I made cards, Kylie worked on a blanket she is knitting and Elena was a spectator LOL Lots of catching up with gossip and laughing - I love casual girls nights like that :)

Just a quick pic of my lettuce - can't believe how quickly they grew!! Yes - there is one missing - Craig cut one for lunch today, before I could get my photo! LOL

My capsicum plants and herbs are all going well too. Mum has some tomato plants she is going ot give me - my garden is getting bigger and bigger :)

Cruise countdown...6 weeks!

Christmas in July Day 5-9

I am enjoying this challenge - I am using up all my scraps of paper, ribbons, buttons, etc. The only thing I have purchased for this challenge was the Angel ribbon - what a way to use up all my scraps :)

S - Sketch

T - Tear/torn

M - Use the word Merry

A - Acetate or angel or Australian theme

S - Scallop

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christmas in July Day 1-4

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been participating in the Christmas in July (card-a-day) challenge over at Sandie's blog.

C - Cuttlebug

H - Holly or handmade embellishment

R - Reindeer or recycling or rafia

I - Ink

Denim yo-yo card

As promised - here is the card I made with one of my fabric yo-yo :) The grungy look is a change from my usual style, but love the denim, white paint & kraft combo!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Card & Fabric Yo-Yo

I made this card a while ago, but had forgotten to share it. I couldn't work out whether to make it a baby girl or birthday card. I like the idea that it could have a number of themes (baby, birthday, friendship, etc) - I will definitely use this design again.

After having some yo-yos in my Simply Crafty challenge pack, then yo-yos were one of the card challenge themes, I sat down and started making some of my own. I made the Christmas ones, then started looking through my material stash to see what other ones I could make. I love the denim ones! I was inspired to make a card using one today - will post pics tomorrow. I also realised that these would be a quick and cute embellishment to add to my jeans bags.

Monday, July 19, 2010

House of Night series

I am totally hooked on the "House of Night" books! Kylie has lent me the first 5 books of the series and I have read them all!! If you a Twillight fan - you will LOVE these too!!

Just a quick share...I made this card for my nephew's birthday on Friday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animal Rescue #2

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this story and any long time readers will know this is not the first rescue (see here for more details).... Friday as we were driving home near the new ring road - Craig said "There's a turtle on the road" - so of course I insisted he turn around so we could rescue it! Turtles can really move when they want to - this one was zooming all over the road with me chasing it like a crazy person! LOL Poor Craig was horrified watching me dodge traffic - finally caught it though!! :) After a few calls I found someone to pick up and relocate the turtle. He was telling me that this was the 19th turtle in 2 days to be found there and relocated.

Cruise countdown...7 weeks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost the weekend...

Just a quick update....Sunday I went to Simply Crafty - we had Xmas in July. A HUGE thanks to Linda and Dilys for organising the challenge kits!! Will take pics once I've finished my LO! Lots of scrapping and chatting, then some yummy Xmas goodies! I made bacon & garlic sausage rolls - I decided to make a savoury dish because I thought there might be lots of sweets there. After that we opened our Secret Santa presents - I got some fancy blue picnic glasses which will be great for summer BBQ :)

While I was in the cooking mood Sunday - I made Chinese style BBQ plum pork - yummo!! Then I finally unpacked my mix master and attempted making a sponge for lamingtons. Not sure what I did wrong, but ended up with a flat sponge! Oops! Will have to look online for another recipe.

Wednesday I started a new job - yes....I'm working again! :) I'm working part-time as admin / reception at Planet Shade with Cathie. This will work in great, because i have made a huge career decision....I'm applying to study nursing next year! So I'll be able to work & study part-time. Both exciting and scary - fingers crossed I get accepted into the course!!

Today I spent the day scrapping with Cassie. I was working on my Christmas In July challenge - I managed to get 3 cards made. Because I have not been working in order - I will wait till I'm up to date then I'll take pics and share. Tomorrow I'm off to see Sex & The City 2 with the girls - can't wait!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cute stamps

While I was in Blackwater I popped into a discount shop and found these cute stamps at bargain prices!

These are a decent size - approx 6 x 10 inches!

Yes - more 'ticket' theme stamps - I have an obsession! LOL I also picked up some packs of foam alphas (2x red and 2x white - different fonts). I was even lucky enough to find the caramel wool to finish off my blankets - woo hoo!!

Scrap the Boys challenge blog is back! Even more exciting - they are doing monthly swaps!! This month is kraft swaps - I've already started making mine. It's been a great way to use up all the strips I have leftover from cutting up A4 c/stock to make cards.

Also, I got my Scrapbook Apprentice round 2 projects finished and posted last week! This round was OTP. Both projects came together really quickly and I am so happy with how they turned out :)

Cruise countdown...8 weeks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blackwater - Day 3 & 4

Monday we were up early and out to the farm to pick the girls up. We brought them back to Kate's for a fun-filled day! First of all we baked the carke and cupcakes - all the kids helped. Lots of fun licking the spoon and the bowl when we were finished :) Then while the cakes where cooking we did some crafts - I took a paper doll template and a bag of goodies (paper, flowers, buttons, bling, crayons, etc) - so we cut out dolls, drew pictures and created collages.

While the cakes were cooling we went and explored a Japanese Zen garden - the kids were having a ball running around and exploring.

Then back home to decorate the cakes!! I think the kids ate just as many lollies as they put on the cakes - talk about a sugar hit!! LOL

Tuesday we headed home, but stopped in at Cracemere to spend a couple of hours with Becca and Connor. Connor was a little shy to start with, but was talking and blowing kisses by the time we left.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blackwater - Day 1 & 2

I had a wonderful time in Blackwater visiting my brother & sister and their families :) Saturday Mum and I left at 6am, we stopped for a garage sale at Rosedale (yes, I know we have an obsession LOL). Mum brought a little wooden trolley which she is going to repaint for the girls. We also stopped at Gracemere along the way to have a quick look around at some markets.

Sunday we went out to my brother's farm and spent the morning with my nieces. I loved spending time with the kids, just watching them jumping on the trampoline and showing us around the farm. It was a great opportunity to take LOTS of pics of all the kids together :) Then they decided to catch butterflies that were in the trees. They didn't have a butterfly net, so they improvised and used two plastic cups to catch them!! After they caught one, Kirsty sticky-taped the cups together and punched out air-holes to make butterfly homes. I felt sorry for Cohan's poor butterfly - the cup got crushed, then shaken, then banged on the cement when the butterfly stayed still too long :( Poor butterfly survived though!! Cohan was having such a great time playing with the girls - he threw a HUGE tantrum when it was time to go!!