Monday, June 30, 2014


It seems that I am making more cards than scrapping layouts lately, but I have been working on a few layouts.  The first two have been sitting unfinished on my scrap table - I've been procrastinating about embellishments / layout design, but finally managed to add the finishing touches and get them completed.

I was feeling motivated last weekend and scrapped these 2 layouts very quickly :)

Craig's mum has been hinting about scrapping some pages - so on Tuesday we popped into the shops to get a photo printed, buy some papers / embellishments and got a shadow box frame so that she could scrap & fame a photo for my BIL's birthday.  After a bit of indecision we started - Diane had an idea about how she wanted the page to look, so I just helped with some embellishment ideas / layout design and she did the rest :)

The finished layout :)  I didn't think to photograph it before framing it - doh!  Adam took this quick photo for us - he was really pleased with it :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Cataract Surgery

Friday I had my 2nd round of surgery.  Since I knew what to expect this time, I was much more relaxed and a lot more excited about this operation :)   This time I had surgery in the morning, so we were up early, showered and at the hospital by 7.30am.  After filling in the paperwork, I got changed into my gown and started the round of pre-op eye drops.  While I was in the waiting room there were a few familiar faces of patients who had been getting their first lot of cataract surgery when I was - a bit of a reunion LOL  There was some confusion last time I had my operation (it's usually done under local anaesthetic, but due to my age I went under general) and I went into surgery fully dressed (with a gown over my clothes, bootees over my shoes and a cap), this time they realised and made me change into just gown, bootees and cap.

There was a bit of a wait outside of the theatre while I waited for my doctor to arrive, but I was quiet relaxed and happy to lay under the warm blankets :)  I had a different anaesthetist this time and she decided to give me a sedative before I went into theatre - whoa that was amazing stuff - I swear I saw the fish stickers on the room swimming bahahaha!!!   Unfortunately the sedative was a bit too much for my body, cause it took me awhile to wake up properly from the surgery :(  After I was released - we headed straight home so I could head back to bed and sleep it off.  I did have post-op issues - irritation, redness and pain, which I didn't have with my first operation, but is slowly settling.

Saturday morning I saw my doctor for the post-op check up and we were both surprised to find that this operation had exceeded our expectations :)  Basically, we didn't hold much hope for improvement in the quality of my eyesight in my right eye.  However, after surgery I can clearly see and can actually make out some words - hopefully as my brain and eye learn to communicate it will improve even more.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Just popping in to share the cards I made last weekend :)

Using new Celebrate die and some DIY enamel dots!

Using another new die - CASEd card design from the freebie mag that came with the die.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I've only found a few goodies over the last couple of weeks, but still enjoying checking out the op shops :)

Books 50c-$1.50

Wooden boxes - $5 each.  I'm thinking about painting them, putting wheels on the bottom and using them as under-bed storage - Craig thinks they would be better as nesting boxes for when we get our chickens!

Linen table cloth $1.50 (sewing project planned for that), planter 50c and unopened pack of decorative noodle boxes $1.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cataract Surgery Update

I am so excited!!  I had the most amazing news about my eye today....Had my post-op check up and was told I have nearly 20/20 vision!!! I've have never had vision like that before. And even better, my eye / lens is still not completely settled, so will Improve slightly more! I can't wait for my next round of surgery this Friday!!

Card Swap - Male

Even though it's the middle of the year, we had a first card swap for the year at Simply Crafty this month :)  The theme was male.  This is always a favourite for me, because it's one theme I struggle with, so I like to have lots of new cards / ideas to add to my stash.

My card

Cathie's card

Danielle's card

Katie's card

Linda's card

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyday Moments

We brought a sander to work on a few DIY projects and I got some colour charts for the cupboard - still trying to find the perfect shade of blue to use :)

Now the temps have dropped the slow cooker has been used a bit more - Craig cooked lamb shanks with creamy garlic mashed potatoes one night - delicious!

Craig's mum went to Sydney a few weeks ago and saw the Babushka dolls at the markets and brought them for me :)

This cheeky fellow has made himself quite at home!  Since we couldn't find his owners, we have named him Oscar and introduced him to the dogs :)  So far we haven't had any fights - Indy has tried to be the alpha dog and boss him around, but Jedi is content to just follow him around and lick him LOL

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Organisation - Laundry Cupboard

On the same day that we organised the linen cupboards, we also organised the laundry cupboard.   It was so full of random stuff that we couldn't even close it properly - oops!  

Cupboard - before

First of all we started off by taking everything out of the cupboards.   I brought some plastic baskets to keep everything more organised.  We moved the ironing board to the linen cupboard and then screwed some hooks into the right side of the cupboard and put broom, steam mop and dustpan/brush in there.

We also did mini organisations of the tool box and first aid kits.  We took all the tools out of the tool box and put any doubles / rarely used tools into a plastic box in the garden shed.  

Sorting out the tool box - 

The first aid kit was 2 parts - one for the house and a small one for the boat.  We emptied everything out of the boxes and threw away any expired medicines / lotions or damaged bandages.   Then repacked everything from the HUGE box we had orginally stored it in, into a smaller basket.

First aid kits - After

Laundry cupboard - After

Top shelf - Toilet paper
2nd shelf - first aid basket and torches
3rd shelf - basket of DIY stuff - screws, glue, masking tape, etc and tool box 
4th shelf - basket of misc - batteries, extension cords, pool testing kits, etc and car cleaning products
Bottom shelf - basket of dog stuff - leads, brushes, flea spray, etc and dog food

Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY Enamel Dots

As I mentioned recently I shared this You-Tube link on FB for making your own enamel dots.  After seeing Linda's enamel dots - I couldn't wait to make my own!  I had been looking around for the beads without much luck, but then remembered I had brought some beads for the girls to make necklaces with.  After a quick search - I found them and was making my own enamel dots :)  

Love how they turned out!!  I made 2 lots - one lot is slightly bigger beacuse I left them in the over for 2 mins longer.  Now I just need to find the smaller beads :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Due to my eye surgery, I'm a bit behind in sharing my recent op shop finds.  I managed to pop into a few fave shops a few days before I had my operation and found some lovely treasures :)

These gorgeous tall planters $7 each.  I will give them a coat of paint and put them on the front verandah.  I'm thinking about trying my hand at mosaic and decorating the top.

I was super excited to find these wooden wall hangings / pictures / decoration!  I had seen them in kmart a few months ago and considered buying them, but wasn't entirely sure if I wanted a nautical theme for the guest room.  The $1 each price tag on these changed my mind though ;)

Oval Pyrex dish $3

Last trip and this week I found some fabric 20c each and zippers 10c-50c each.  I have found a few tutorials demonstrating how to make lined pouches / cosmetic bags and can't wait to try them!

Another amazing Pyrex find - the biggest Spring Blossom cinderella bowl at a bargain $3!!  I actually found this in the linen section of the op shop - looks like someone changed their mind about buying it.  Oh well, their change of mind was my gain :)

Small blue plastic bowl 25c - I'm trying to get a small collection of these so I can use them for entertaining around the pool area.

An anusual Pyrex find - butter dish $6.  A bit more than I would normally consider paying, but I had never seen one before and didn't want to have "non-buyers remorse" if I didn't buy it LOL

One more item crossed off the wish list!  An egg poacher - $3

Have you found any wonderful treasures lately?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I didn't want to pack all my heavy bags to take to Simply Crafty on Sunday, so I packed some cardmaking stuff instead.  In between chatting with everyone I did manage to get 5 cards made :)  

Check out the DIY enamel dots on the first 2 cards!  I recently shared a You-Tube link on FB to make your own enamel dots and Linda was clever enough to find some beads and make them!  She brought them to show us and share them :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I realised I hadn't shared some cards I have made recently :) 

I started the backgrounds / cut out the die cuts at last month's Simply Crafty - glad I was motivated to finish them LOL

I was inspired by this card - I made it in 2 colour combos.

A quick & easy baby shower card for my friend Katie :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Birthday, baby shower & scrapping

It was my birthday on Friday - I had lots of calls and Mum, Cathie & the kids popped into work to have morning tea with me :)   Craig dropped off this potted gerbera for me  - my fave flower!  Craig, both mums, Cathie, Andrew & I went out to dinner at my favourite Chinese restaurant to celebrate.

Saturday morning doing some retail therapy and brought a few new clothes with my birthday money from Craig and my MIL.  I spent Saturday afternoon celebrating my friend Katie's baby shower.  It was a lovely afternoon chatting about all things baby, playing some games and oohing & aahing over tiny pink clothes :)

Sunday I popped into the markets to spend the rest of my birthday money buying some new crafting dies, then off to spend the day catching up with everyone at Simply Crafty.  It was nice to show off my new look (no glasses) and chat about my surgery (I had only told family and close friends my surgery date change, so the first anyone knew that I had gone in was when Craig posted on FB the day after the op that my op was succesful).