Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Cataract Surgery

Friday I had my 2nd round of surgery.  Since I knew what to expect this time, I was much more relaxed and a lot more excited about this operation :)   This time I had surgery in the morning, so we were up early, showered and at the hospital by 7.30am.  After filling in the paperwork, I got changed into my gown and started the round of pre-op eye drops.  While I was in the waiting room there were a few familiar faces of patients who had been getting their first lot of cataract surgery when I was - a bit of a reunion LOL  There was some confusion last time I had my operation (it's usually done under local anaesthetic, but due to my age I went under general) and I went into surgery fully dressed (with a gown over my clothes, bootees over my shoes and a cap), this time they realised and made me change into just gown, bootees and cap.

There was a bit of a wait outside of the theatre while I waited for my doctor to arrive, but I was quiet relaxed and happy to lay under the warm blankets :)  I had a different anaesthetist this time and she decided to give me a sedative before I went into theatre - whoa that was amazing stuff - I swear I saw the fish stickers on the room swimming bahahaha!!!   Unfortunately the sedative was a bit too much for my body, cause it took me awhile to wake up properly from the surgery :(  After I was released - we headed straight home so I could head back to bed and sleep it off.  I did have post-op issues - irritation, redness and pain, which I didn't have with my first operation, but is slowly settling.

Saturday morning I saw my doctor for the post-op check up and we were both surprised to find that this operation had exceeded our expectations :)  Basically, we didn't hold much hope for improvement in the quality of my eyesight in my right eye.  However, after surgery I can clearly see and can actually make out some words - hopefully as my brain and eye learn to communicate it will improve even more.

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