Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I managed to sneak some more op shopping last week :)  i had a spare hour after work on Friday afternoon, so popped into 2 shops.

Basket $1.50 (half price for baskets)

Bg of biscuit cutters / stamps $1

Black photo frame $1.50 for the guest room and wooden frame (to be sptray painted for the scraproom) $3.50

Crochet books $1 & 20 c

Bunny egg cup 40c

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

50 Shades of Grey...and white

I've started looking at paint samples ready to start renovating the cupboard I found at the op shop last week.  Since it's going in the grey / blue guest room - I'm going to paint it white with grey accents.  Now I just need to work out what shade of white and grey to use.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I brought some cute dies last weekend and couldn't wait to have a play with them :)  I realised there are my first cards for the year!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Another wonderful morning op shopping - this time I managed to pick up a number of things on my list :)

As I mentioned recently I am on the search for some pieces of furniture  One item was a set of bedside drawers  - which I wanted to paint and remove the bottom drawers and put a basket in there to store quilts.  I couldn't believe it when I walked into the op shop and there was the perfect piece!!!  It appears it originally had a door on it, but that's fine because I would have removed it anyway :)  It was $20, which is a bit more than I would usually pay, but since it met all the requirement  I snapped it up quickly.  Now to decide what colour too paint it.


2x cook books $1 each, a casserole dish warmer / carrier $4 (for mum - she loved the one I found last year and asked me to keep an eye out for one for her).  Blue canister 50c.

JOY blocks $1 and wooden tray $1 

Brand new joggers for my MIL $5

A very exciting Pyrex find - this extra large bowl in mint condition $3!!

2x bags of lego pieces  $1 each to pop in the kid's lego box.

I couldn't resist these funny cocktail glass decorations 50c.

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot this week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making our house a home

I am almost finished unpacking - there a number of  boxes with all the bits & pieces that need to find a place in our home (I keep those boxes in the spare room AKA the room of shame!  LOL)   As we have been unpacking I have been sorting and donating anything that we no longer need.  I spring clean and de-clutter every year (that way our house doesn't look like something from "Hoarders" TOFL), but anyone who has ever rented knows you keep items / furniture "just in case" you need it for the next house.  Now that we have our own home, we know how much space we have.  We are fortunate that the house has been recently painted inside and outside (in nuetral colours) with new carpet, so now all that's left is to decorate it in our style :)  I'm so excited to be able to decorate the house - hang pictures where ever I want - find furniture to fit in the rooms.

Even before we started house hunting I was looking for a chalkboard style "house rules"  I knew what I was looking for and it took me months, but I found the perfect one just after we signed the contract.  It was the first thing I hung up in the house!

I  also purchased this large photo frame before we moved in.  No I just need to stop being lazy and get photos printed to fill it :)

I found this cushion at kmart a few weeks ago - matches the walls perfectly!

Another wooden word art / hanging -also from Kmart.  I'm going to decorate one of the spare rooms in  grey and blue tones with a ocean theme.

Another wooden sign - this one is for the laundry.

I brought this funky hexagon shadow box from Typo after the cruise last year - I think it looks cute filled with some of my owls :)

It will take me a while to finish decorating - I have a few pieces of furniture and other furnishing to find.  Once the rooms are finished I will share photos :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am loving all the makeovers that Dee has been doing with spray paint, so invested in some cans of Rustoleum z2 paint to work on my own projects.  First up was this terracotta herb pot.- painted black to match the other glazed pots we have around the gardens.

I peeled and froze the last of this season's mangoes - then used them to make some frozen mango bars.  I used this recipe.  I made some changes - I used fresh fruit and added the cream to the mixture.  It was delicious!  Next batch i will use less of the water/ sugar syrup.

I've started to unpack and sort my scraproom.  We hung the new  rod and curtains on the weekend.  I am so glad that the rest of the house has timber venetian blinds - I was so indecisive over what colour to choose!  I decided on the rod and the curtain style (eyelets) quickly, but agonised over the colour - it nearly drove me crazy!!  LOL  I ended up going with charcoal and am very happy with them :)  I have also purchased new shelves for the room - I am the queen of flat pack pruniture :D

I purchased some more spray paint and got started on a few more projects for storage / organisation in my scrapoom.  I can't wait to get my scraproom unpacked and all set up - i'm looking forward to having friends over for a scrap night soon!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I had a great day op shopping on Tuesday :)  I did go with the purpose of finding a few specific things, but found a lot of other random goodies instead - guess that's how it goes LOL

A very exciting find - a wine rack for $4.  It has a lovely big shelf on top - a good place to put ornaments / photos.


Green Pyrex dish $2

My 2nd set of owl S&P shakers!!  A bargain 20c each.  These match the owl mug I found last month.

Large and heavy yellow mixing bowl - $2

Dip bowl $2

2x new plastic cups 20c each - I'm going to use these to store paper straws :)

Metal bucket - 50c - I will give it a coat of paint and use it in my scrap room.

Full set of Santa babushka dolls $2

Sweet polka dot lined basket - $3.  These were on sale last Christmas at Kmart for $6 - so glad I didn't buy one then :)  I think this will be perfect to store wool & needles for WIP crochet projects when it gets a bit cooler.

Play-doh tools -50c each.  The nieces & nephews will be very excited to see these next time they visit :D

Some more wooden blocks to add to the collection - $2

Have you found anything great at the op shops lately?