Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I had a great day op shopping on Tuesday :)  I did go with the purpose of finding a few specific things, but found a lot of other random goodies instead - guess that's how it goes LOL

A very exciting find - a wine rack for $4.  It has a lovely big shelf on top - a good place to put ornaments / photos.


Green Pyrex dish $2

My 2nd set of owl S&P shakers!!  A bargain 20c each.  These match the owl mug I found last month.

Large and heavy yellow mixing bowl - $2

Dip bowl $2

2x new plastic cups 20c each - I'm going to use these to store paper straws :)

Metal bucket - 50c - I will give it a coat of paint and use it in my scrap room.

Full set of Santa babushka dolls $2

Sweet polka dot lined basket - $3.  These were on sale last Christmas at Kmart for $6 - so glad I didn't buy one then :)  I think this will be perfect to store wool & needles for WIP crochet projects when it gets a bit cooler.

Play-doh tools -50c each.  The nieces & nephews will be very excited to see these next time they visit :D

Some more wooden blocks to add to the collection - $2

Have you found anything great at the op shops lately?

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dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

wow looks like you have had a great day shopping -love dee x