Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Another wonderful morning op shopping - this time I managed to pick up a number of things on my list :)

As I mentioned recently I am on the search for some pieces of furniture  One item was a set of bedside drawers  - which I wanted to paint and remove the bottom drawers and put a basket in there to store quilts.  I couldn't believe it when I walked into the op shop and there was the perfect piece!!!  It appears it originally had a door on it, but that's fine because I would have removed it anyway :)  It was $20, which is a bit more than I would usually pay, but since it met all the requirement  I snapped it up quickly.  Now to decide what colour too paint it.


2x cook books $1 each, a casserole dish warmer / carrier $4 (for mum - she loved the one I found last year and asked me to keep an eye out for one for her).  Blue canister 50c.

JOY blocks $1 and wooden tray $1 

Brand new joggers for my MIL $5

A very exciting Pyrex find - this extra large bowl in mint condition $3!!

2x bags of lego pieces  $1 each to pop in the kid's lego box.

I couldn't resist these funny cocktail glass decorations 50c.

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot this week.

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