Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am loving all the makeovers that Dee has been doing with spray paint, so invested in some cans of Rustoleum z2 paint to work on my own projects.  First up was this terracotta herb pot.- painted black to match the other glazed pots we have around the gardens.

I peeled and froze the last of this season's mangoes - then used them to make some frozen mango bars.  I used this recipe.  I made some changes - I used fresh fruit and added the cream to the mixture.  It was delicious!  Next batch i will use less of the water/ sugar syrup.

I've started to unpack and sort my scraproom.  We hung the new  rod and curtains on the weekend.  I am so glad that the rest of the house has timber venetian blinds - I was so indecisive over what colour to choose!  I decided on the rod and the curtain style (eyelets) quickly, but agonised over the colour - it nearly drove me crazy!!  LOL  I ended up going with charcoal and am very happy with them :)  I have also purchased new shelves for the room - I am the queen of flat pack pruniture :D

I purchased some more spray paint and got started on a few more projects for storage / organisation in my scrapoom.  I can't wait to get my scraproom unpacked and all set up - i'm looking forward to having friends over for a scrap night soon!

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