Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally...some scrapping

In all the Christmas rush I managed to find time to make some gift card holders & a money wallet for Xmas gifts. I got the instructions from here.

Every time I show mum a card that I have made, she says "I'll have 10 of those thanks" - so I knew exactly what one of her presents would be! I had a pile of cards put aside for her, but wanted to make a few more... She was really excited about her gift, but admitted that she now wouldn't want to give them away! LOL

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Eve Craig & I drove around looking at all the amazing Christmas lights and displays. The time and effort that people put into their displays really shows!

I was up early Christmas morning to wrap up the food gift baskets and a quick tidy up before everyone came over. We unwrapped the presents, with help from Cohan - I love the fact that he is big enough to get excited about Christmas!! Everyone loved their homemade gifts :o) I got spoilt with lots of lovely presents from everyone and a beautiful Pandora bracelet from Craig!!

Mum brought me a herb pot full of herbs! I am so excited - I can't wait to use them!! I just hope I don't kill the plants! LOL Mum brought Cohan a hobby horse that makes noises, he insisted everyone had to have a ride and play with it!! We are all big kids at heart!! LOL We enjoyed a BBQ breakfast I managed to squeeze in a nanna nap on the couch before heading out for a delicious hot roast lunch with Craig's family.

Boxing Day we braved the sales to pick up Craig's boat seats (my Xmas present to him), I picked up a few bargains at Spotlight and we went to Harvey Norman's for printer cartridges! The shops were crazy enough - we didn't even bother trying to go to any of the shopping centres!! We went over to the Cold Stores to pick up some fresh prawns, sand crabs and bait. Craig & his mum are going to spend the next 2 days fishing and I'm hoping to get motivated enough to clean up that disaster area that I call a scrap room :o)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas decorations

We got our tree and decorations out of storage this year - so it is a silver, purple & blue theme. I have also brought a couple of new ornaments and a singing / dancing snowman (which Cohan loves)!

My wonderful friend Julie made me this beautiful tree ornament - the work she put into it is amazing!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cooking up a storm!

I was busy baking Xmas goodies on the weekend - pineapple & coconut truffles and spice biscuits Friday night. Mum popped over Saturday and we made passion fruit melting moments, rum & raisin fudge and rum balls!! They were all new recipes that I had never tried before (except the rum balls) and they are all delicious! The fudge is very more-ish - I brought ingredients to make another batch!! LOL Mum has also been baking - jam drops, sugar coated peanuts and rocky road. The goodies are all packaged up in cello bags and in gift baskets ready to go! We have put a few bags of everything aside for ourselves to enjoy too.

On Saturday I also found the time to finish making a third jeans handbag and have started working on a fourth. We have a 4 day long weekend over Xmas - so I will be doing lots more sewing. I have a few more squares and the border to crochet and I have also finished my 3rd rug! I had better hurry though as this one is also a Xmas present.

Sunday we spent the day with Craig's family - celebrating Brodie's 4th birthday. I managed to get a heap of recent pics of all the nieces & nephews having a great time splashing in the pool.

I went to see "New Moon" with the girls last night - lots of giggling and gossip as usual.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Handbags & parties

It's been another busy weekend - gotta love December!! LOL Mum and I spent yesterday making handbags from denim jeans. We didn't have a pattern, but had seen a few pics - so it was all guess work. The bags are lined with the same material as the belts. I am really happy with how great they turned out!!

We had our work Xmas party last night. It was a "Nightmare before Christmas" fancy dress theme, but we decided not to dress up this year. Instead I got a gorgeous new dress and even had my hair cut & coloured especially for the party. The dress was a bit too long, so I had to walk around all night holding it up slightly so I didn't trip over. Not an easy feat when you have a cocktail in the other hand! LOL It was a great night - lots of fun socialising with everyone.

Today Kylie, her mum and I went over to Cathie's for a lovely relaxing lunch with champagne, then floated around in the pool for awhile. We swapped Xams presents - I got a cute cupcake dish from Kylie and a Xmas serving platter from Cathie. The girls were pleased with their bags :o) I have been working on a third one tonight - I just need to buy some material for the lining & belt and it's finished!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a busy weekend...

Bec and her little man - Connor - arrived on Friday morning. I hadn't seen Connor since he was a few weeks old and now he is nearly 10 mths - I can't believe how big he has gotten!! We did a bit of shopping, caught up over a coffee, then relaxed watching DVD in the a/c at home.

Saturday afternoon we dragged all the scrap gear out to do some card making. We had fun playing with my new bird die cuts. Bec even managed to make a stack of Xmas gift tags. That night Craig & I had a BBQ at home with friends & family. It was nice & relaxing - a great way to kick of the silly season :o) There was lots of champagne and chatting!

Sunday was Cohan's 2nd birthday, so both families headed down to the beach for fish & chips. Mum made Cohan a farmyard theme birthday cake - he thought it was fantastic. We took Cohan & Connor swimming in the lagoon - lots of fun! Connor managed to eat a fair bit of sand and drink lots of sea water - but he was having a ball!! LOL

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adam Brand concert

The night before we left on our holidays, Craig & I went to see Adam Brand - woo hoo!!It was brilliant to hear his new songs live - I love Adam's concerts!! Afterwards I got some CD's signed and pics with Adam! We didn't get home till after midnight, then were up again at 3am - probably not the best decision to go to a concert the night before we have a car trip!! LOL