Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Uncle Tim's Visit

My brother Tim was down to compete in the show rodeo tonight, because it's too cold to take Clay out he popped into quickly visit us before he had to head to the showgrounds to get ready.  Unfortunately Craig was still at work, so missed seeing him.

Clay was a bit unsure of uncle Timmy at first, but was quickly won over by sharing his mobile LOL

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why I'm Investing In Shares for Hair Dye...

My boy mummy friends warned me, but I wasn't ready for Clay to start his antics this young...found him standing on his train table banging on the TV this morning!  Minor heart attack as we rushed to get him down!!

Thought it was a once off adventure, but no....he did it again tonight while we were actually in the lounge room watching him!!

**I was right next to him when these pictures were taken - ready to grab him in case he fell.

**Yes - the table has since been moved!

Everyday Moments

Kylie had to work one weekend, so I offered to have Chloe over for a playdate :)  It didn't start off too well - Chloe was a little upset and crying, which Clay found confusing so he was yelling at her - oops! After Chloe settled down, there was lots of lovely playing together :)

Love this cheeky smile xo

With lovely weather, we headed to the beach to play on the playground

We ran into Skye & Brandee-Paiij at the shops, so it snapped a few photos of the cute cousins :)

Friday, May 13, 2016


One of our friends was performing and the food stalls sounded so tempting, so even though it was a bit cool we decided to head over to Riverfeast and check it out.  We had a wonderful night, yummy dinner, great live entertainment and a delicious cupcake for dessert!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The rest of the cards I made for mum's card stash :)

Monday, May 9, 2016


Clay has ALL these toys....

And what does he play with.....

Typical :)


I wanted to make some cards to give to mum for Mother's Day - it's been awhile since I've made cards for her card box, so it was getting a bit low :)  I used my Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I enjoyed another special Mother's Day this year :)  I got a bit of a sleep in (7.30am LOL), before hopping up to Clay giving me my present and card - well actually he took a few steps towards me, then just threw the bag in my direction LOL  I got a beautiful gold "Mum" infinity pendant and chain - spoilt :)  Then Craig cooked us bacon & eggs for breakfast.  Craig had to work a short shift :( so just Clay and I headed over to join my family for more celebrations.  Mum cooked a delicious Chinese meal (yes I know how terrible it sounds that she cooked her own Mother's Day lunch, but we were supposed to have a family celebration early on Saturday when plans changed and we couldn't book a table at our usual place) for my sister & family, aunty, Clay & I.  Craig picked us up after work and we headed to his mum's to spend some time with her.   From there we headed home and ended up having take away for dinner - which meant I didn't have to cook ALL day - woo hoo! LOL  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The 4th Be With You

He he! Couldn't help myself :)

Craig took Clay to baby time at the library this morning for the first time.  Craig texted and said that clay was walking around chatting to everyone - just working the room.  He said all he needed was a cocktail in his hand and it could have been me! Bahahaha  He also said that everyone was sitting in a circle singing a song, but Clay was in the middle dancing and showing off - no DNA test needed..he's mine :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Everyday Moments

Our little "rev-head" loves this car - especially when we go bush bashing (around the grass).  When we open the door to take him out - he gives us a "I don't think so" look, reaches past us, grabs the door and slams it shut - so cute!! LOL  I have these photos printed and will be scrapping them :)

I had a YIAH (Your Inspiration At Home) party (forgot to take photos of all the yummy goodies I made for the tasting - oops!) - these are some of the delicious products I recieved for hostess benefits!

Found this cute baby bearded dragon lizard on the pool fence one afternoon.  Craig got him off the fence to show Clay, then put him safely in the garden.

While weeding - I was surprised to see that one of my succelents has sprouted this gorgeous little flower.

How HUGE were these prawns?!?!  They were delicious and we enjoyed them with our fish and salad on Good Friday.

We ran into the Cookie Monster while we were out shopping :)  Clay wasn't too sure, but at least he didn't scream or get frightened LOL

Monday, May 2, 2016

Country Music Concert

Last night we headed to Woodgate Beach (about 30 mins drive) to a country music concert featuring Travis Collins.

It was a bit cool, but we snuggled under a blanket and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and sang along to some of our favourite songs.  Clay loves music so he was dancing and clapping his hands and having a ball :)  I'm looking forward to the next free concert the pub has!