Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I enjoyed another special Mother's Day this year :)  I got a bit of a sleep in (7.30am LOL), before hopping up to Clay giving me my present and card - well actually he took a few steps towards me, then just threw the bag in my direction LOL  I got a beautiful gold "Mum" infinity pendant and chain - spoilt :)  Then Craig cooked us bacon & eggs for breakfast.  Craig had to work a short shift :( so just Clay and I headed over to join my family for more celebrations.  Mum cooked a delicious Chinese meal (yes I know how terrible it sounds that she cooked her own Mother's Day lunch, but we were supposed to have a family celebration early on Saturday when plans changed and we couldn't book a table at our usual place) for my sister & family, aunty, Clay & I.  Craig picked us up after work and we headed to his mum's to spend some time with her.   From there we headed home and ended up having take away for dinner - which meant I didn't have to cook ALL day - woo hoo! LOL  

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