Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Usually I only get to go op shopping every 2 weeks or so, but I've been lucky enough to pop into a few shops every week lately :)  

I found this cake pops book in new condition for $3 (still had the $29.95  price tag!)

More fabirc to make book bags 40c-80c each

Yellow pyrex bowl and white planter $1 each

Wooden handle bar set 50c

Necklace $3

Photo frames $2 each

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Organisation - Linen Cupboard

When we moved into our house it was just 3 days before Christmas, so our main goal was to unpack and get settled ASAP before heading back to work.  While unpacking we did a spring clean / purge of our stuff, then we stored what was left.  

Recently, we realised that we needed to change some of current storage  options.  First on the list was a linen cupboard.  We have build-in cupboards in our smallest spare room and decided that it would be better used as a linen cupboard.    I had as much linen as I could squished into and on top of the drawers and the rest sitting on a box - unorganised and messy.  While Craig was on holidays for the last 2 weeks we decided to get things more organised.  Craig added shelves into the right side.  I was a bit hesitant about sharing my "before" photos , but hey just keeping it real LOL  

Before - Left Side

Before - Right Sdie

After - Left Side

This side of the cupboard now stores the ironing board and clothes airer.  We screwed an iron holder onto the insdie of the door (which also hold a spare extension cord).  The blue tub hold lint rollers, fabric spray and vacuum cleaner parts.  On top of the drawers I have stored gift wrapping paper in a waste paper basket and the gift bags next to it.  In the drawers I have stored random pieces of linen - aprons, table cloths, food nets, napkins, etc. 

After - Right Side

The shelves hold all the other linen.  The bottom shelf is where we now store the vacuum cleaner.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Jelly cheesecake Slice

A family friend share their jelly cheesecake slice, so I tried this for the first time last weekend.  Usually it's made with strawberry jelly, but I decided to try it with mango jelly.  I took it to Simply Crafty and the ladies told me it was a success :)

1 pkt Marie biscuits. crushed
140g unsalted butter, melted

Combine biscuits and butter and press into a greased tray.  Refrigerate overnight.

Cheesecake Layer

250g Philly cream cheese
1 can condensed milk
125g thickened cream
60mL lemon juice.
2 1/2 tsp gelatin
60mL water

Place gelatin in water and microwave for 20 seconds.
Beat philly cheese until smooth.  
Add condensed milk, cream and lemon juice, beat well.
Fold gelatin into mixture.
Pour over base and refrigerate.

Jelly Layer

2 pkt jelly
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold water

Make jelly and  set aside to cool
When cool, pour jelly over cheesecake layer and refrigerate.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I had some fabric yo-yo's in my stash and decided to make up some cards.  I've used this design / layout before for fabric yo-yo's.

While the mojo was happening - i decided to make up some more cards using the pile of paper scraps on my desk.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I'm getting to the op shops more regularly now and loving it :)I found the MOST EXCITING  treasure!!

Material (to make book bags to donate to the school on Mystery Island) $2 each

Yellow bucket 50c, white ceramic planter / vase (to match the planter I found last week) $1 and peach ceramic planter (will be giving this a spray paint makeover) $2

Pyrex bowl and square dish $1 each

Necklace $3

Tshirt $3.50

Wooden peacock letter opener 50c

And my MOST EXCITING find...The one I actually found and decided NOT to buy...then realised it would be petfect and crossed my fingers it was still there 5 days later and was soooo excited to see it still there...........

This cabinet!!!  Fot only $40!!!
A cabinet for my scraproom had been on my wish list since we brought the house.  Even thought this cabinet was perfect I hesitated because of the glass front, but after thinking about it I realised I could just remove the glass and store baskets in the space. .I'm going to give it a paint makeover o just need to decide on the shade of blue.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Minion Beanies

My friend Amanda and her family recieved some deastating news in January, their 4 year old son Sam was diagnosed with leukemia.  They are currently living in Brisbane while Sam is undergoing treatment.  

I wanted to pack up a few gifts to make them smile.  I decided to make them each a Minion beanie :)   I did a quick google search (what did we do before google?!?!) and found a pattern from my fave blogger crochet blogger Repeat Crafter Me.  I finally finished these last week, in time to send down with Cathie when she went to visit.

I made some punch art Minion tags to match (found some images through google).

Monday, May 19, 2014


I had a craft filled weekend - lots of fun :)  Saturday I spent the morning at Sew What's Crafty expo with Kylie & Tanya .  We found lots of lovely goodies to buy and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes.  After shopping up a storm, Kylie and I went off to have lunch.  

Sunday I caught up with everyone at Simply Crafty.  I was a bit disorganised this month, so instead of scrapping I took some card making stuff along instead.  I painted some watercolour backgrounds and die cut some shapes  for future cards. 

I did get 5 cards finished :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Just having a play around with new bow dies :)  I've seen simliar ideas on pinterest.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

"Our Place" mini album

This mini album has literally taken me years to finish LOL  A few years ago I did a mini album class at the Brisbane Expo.  I wanted to use photos of my own home - I didn't finish the album, so packed it away for that day.  Fast forward a few years and I found the kit while I was unpacking my scraproom.  i got the photos printed and completed the album a few months ago, but then couldn't put it together because I didn't have a hole punch strong enough to punch through chipboard, so once again I packed it away. After asking around to borrow a punch, I was finally lucky enough to be told about a crop-o-dile on sale. locally.  I quickly snapped it up and got my album finished - FINALLY!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

\Last week I spent a lovely morning catching up with Kylie.  We had coffee, then wandered around doing some retail therapy.  Just as we were hopping in the car to head home,we decided to pop into an op shop.  I was super happy to find a few lovely goodies and cross another item off my wish :)

On my wish list...a planter!  White ceramic bubble planter $2

White Tulip bwol (small) 50c

Chip & dip platter $2.50

Crochet afghan book 50c