Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's day on Sunday.  I spent the day shopping, having lunch, doing our nails and chatting with my mum.   I made both mum's cards again this year :)

Diane's card

Mum's card

Regular readers would have realised that I should have been off on my cruise today.  Unfortunately we had to cancel due to some eye surgery I need.  we weren't sure of surgery dates and had to make the decision to see if someone else could take our tickets and travel with my mum, so she wasn't alone.  Luckily my aunty and cousin were able to take our place.   Craig and I will be booking another cruise for later in the year - when it's warmer and I have had my surgery.

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Linda M said...

Sorry to hear you had to cancel your cruise, luckily you got someone to go in your place. Look forward to seeing you Sunday.