Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Organisation - Linen Cupboard

When we moved into our house it was just 3 days before Christmas, so our main goal was to unpack and get settled ASAP before heading back to work.  While unpacking we did a spring clean / purge of our stuff, then we stored what was left.  

Recently, we realised that we needed to change some of current storage  options.  First on the list was a linen cupboard.  We have build-in cupboards in our smallest spare room and decided that it would be better used as a linen cupboard.    I had as much linen as I could squished into and on top of the drawers and the rest sitting on a box - unorganised and messy.  While Craig was on holidays for the last 2 weeks we decided to get things more organised.  Craig added shelves into the right side.  I was a bit hesitant about sharing my "before" photos , but hey just keeping it real LOL  

Before - Left Side

Before - Right Sdie

After - Left Side

This side of the cupboard now stores the ironing board and clothes airer.  We screwed an iron holder onto the insdie of the door (which also hold a spare extension cord).  The blue tub hold lint rollers, fabric spray and vacuum cleaner parts.  On top of the drawers I have stored gift wrapping paper in a waste paper basket and the gift bags next to it.  In the drawers I have stored random pieces of linen - aprons, table cloths, food nets, napkins, etc. 

After - Right Side

The shelves hold all the other linen.  The bottom shelf is where we now store the vacuum cleaner.

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