Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Add Ink #10

I loved this week's colour combo and knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally make a 3D birdhouse!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another busy weekend...

Friday night I had dinner and a catch up with Donna & Cassie - as usual lots of chatting and laughing. We took our scrap stuff over, but got distracted so didn't get anything done! LOL

Saturday Craig & I took the new car for a spin to Hervey Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect! I visited the scrap shops and brought some lovely goodies :) Then we had fish & chips by the beach and a walk along the wharf. A bit more sight-seeing, then back home again. Got lots of pics on my mobile - will post them later.

Today was a quiet day - we went for a drive to Bargara, then just chilled out watching TV. I attempted to make a masculine birthday card, as you can see another fail! LOL I decided to just add some ribbon and flowers to finish it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mojo Monday 131

I loved this week's sketch!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cards & Layouts

Last Wednesday Kylie came over and we spent the day scrapping. I worked on these 3 cards. I realised I never make male cards...hmmm don't think I achieved that here LOL

This card is using some of the free printables from Kaiser.

This card was for Stacey's Stamping Stage challenge blog - this blog has amazing picture & colour challenges! I just need to get more organised to meet the deadline :)

Today I finished these 2 LO. This LO is one from my unfinished pile that I started last year. This was for a Black with 2 challenge - black, blue & orange.

I started this one at Simply Crafty this month.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mrs Fix-It

We have been super busy for the last 4 days. We (Mum, Mike, Craig & I) spent the weekend putting up a new back fence. Saturday was measuring and cutting the sheets of tin. Sunday we pulled down the old wire fence, replaced some wooden posts, then put up the tin panels. The new fence looks great!

Monday mum and I finished working on my secret wood-work project I mentioned last post. It was a dog kennel for my MIL. We were feeling very adventurous / crazy and were going to attempt making the kennel from scratch, but while looking around for supplies we managed to pick up a wood & plastic dog house at a bargain price. It needed a fair bit of work done on it. Mum and I replaced the plastic floor with wooden boards, put the back on, painted the inside, some general cosmetic work and a good wash. Diane was really pleased with it - she said it was exactly what she wanted! Once I work out how to download the pics from my mobile I will post them.

Tuesday Mum and I did spent the day putting the capping on the back fence and gardening / mowing the lawn - we were taking advantage of the sun finally being out!

BTW- Mum and I found the time on Saturday morning to go to a local shoe shop that was having a sale. All shoes were either $20 or $40 a pair - who could resist?!?!? I got 2 pairs and Mum walked out with 4 pairs!! And yes...we did try on every pair of shoes in our size LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our new baby...

We picked it up last night!! It is Craig's dream car - you should see the HUGE grin he has had on his face since picking it up! LOL Mind you - I'm a total rev-head, so I'm just as excited! LOL

As a "thank you" the car company gave us this lovely gift box full of scrumptious chocolates & fudge!

I had plans on spending the day sewing today, but ended up going over to mum's to work on a wood-work project that is a present for someone. Ummm - me and electrical tools might not be the best idea...good thing mum knows first aid :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another scrappy day

I had a lovely day scrapping and chatting with everyone at Simply Crafty yesterday! I worked on a few cards and these cute little gift cards.

(I "borrowed" the pic from Simply Crafty blog as I haven't had a chance to take my own pic yet)

The new recipe I mentioned on my previous post was hot cross buns! I have never tried any bread recipes before and was very hesitant about it, but I decided to bite the bullet and had a go. I reasoned that I could just make something else if it flopped :) I am pleased to report that they turned out perfectly (and were very delicious)- I was so excited!! LOL

I will definately be cooking more for Easter :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An easel card

During the week I spent a lovely afternoon going through old photos with my mum and chatting about the memories. I managed to score a pile of very old pics - this will give me a chance to have a go at scrapping some vintage LO.

This is another LO I started a few months ago - Wednesday I sat down and finished it. I am really pleased with how this turned out - a few techniques in there that I usually don't do :) I have been trying to do more journalling on my pages. This is something I struggle with - not sure why?!?

Since I was feeling adventurous I decided to have a go at creating an easel card.

Craig got his goatee shaved off on Friday for the Leukemia Foundation's Greatest Shave. He agreed if over $1000 was raised within his work place the cookie-catcher would go. Overall there was over $2500 raised - what an amazing effort!! It's still a bit of a shock to see him clean shaven - he looks 10 years younger!! LOL

Okay - I'm off to try a new recipe for afternoon tea at Simply Crafty tomorrow. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Martha Stewart

Okay, I admit it....I am a Martha fan! I usually try to watch her show every day - mainly for the craft projects.

At the moment there is a sewing contest. I entered one of my denim bags (the purple one). If you have any great projects you would like to enter - go here to upload your picture.

Her blog has lots of great recipes, sewing projects, scrapbooking. There are also some great clip art / templates -
* Coloured Doily's
* Cook's Helpers- measurement equivalents, temperature charts, etc
* Recipe Cards
* Birthday Chart

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The cruise...

After having to arrange originals of birth & wedding certificates, filling in paperwork and finding the time for an appointment - our passports have finally arrived!! The pictures are awful - serious mug shots!! LOL Very exciting though!!

Mum & I have been going through our wardrobes working out our cocktail and evening wear - all sorted! We have decided to wait till just before we go to buy our day wear. Craig's clothes are all sorted - typical men - no concerns about clothes. I am still teasing him about buying a heap of Hawaiian print shirts! LOL Mum & I have been doing a bit of shoe shopping - at one shop we tried on nearly every pair of shoes - it's a "girl thing"! LOL

Only 23 weeks to go :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Printables

Everyone loves a freebie right?!?! I have a few that I thought I would share with you all....

Kaiser has printables for their new ranges.

Then I found some vintage sewing themed printables at Doe-c-Doe - which is pretty popular now. Also has a few other cute bits & pieces.

I found this cute bird box template at Papertrey Ink.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a "thing" for tickets...I found these vintage Love tickets at The 80's Me. Check it out all her freebies - loving all the Christmas tickets.... *sigh*

I don't have the link for this cute journal card - if you know who created this please let me know.

If you have any great freebie links - please leave a comment and share the links.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've been scrapping!

I had 2 full days of scrapping this week - Wednesday with Donna and Friday with Kylie. Cathie & Mitchell popped in for afternoon tea while we were scrapping. I took the opportunity to get a few newer pics of Mitchell - I love this one of Kylie & Mitchell!

After making only cards for last few months I managed to scrap some LO - woo hoo! This one is for a new challenge blog - Kraft It Up. The criteria for this month was mixed alpha title - how easy is that?!?

I have gotten into a bad habit of starting LO, but not finishing them - not sure why. I realised that the pile of 1/2 completed LO is getting ridiculous and I need to get them finished. I started these 2 LO at Simply Craft a few months ago and got them finished this week.

After I made my card for Mojo Monday sketch #128 I decided to make a male version.

It has been raining here for weeks - with one or two days of sunshine. It's great weather for ducks and frogs....check out this little fella I found out the back.

BTW Suzie from Love Scrappin' has a great RAK up for grabs - pop over to her blog and leave a comment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mojo Monday #128

After checking out all the fabulous sketches and entries every week, I decided to create a card for Mojo Monday's blog. Here is this weeks Monday Monday #128 sketch.

Here is my entry

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Napkin challenge

Recently Sandie came up with a brilliant challenge to use this napkin to create a card, layout or OTP item. How funky & retro is this?!?! My napkin arrived today - so I will have to start working on my challenge this week.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The weekend...

We had a busy weekend - not bad considering Friday we had no plans! LOL Saturday night I went to a trivia night which was lots of fun. Sunday Craig & I spent the day relaxing at Innes Park with friends. Then over to the in-law's for a delicious roast lamb dinner :)

I finally remembered to take pics of the blanket / knee rug I crocheted my MIL for Christmas.

I have a confession to make...even though I have finally found the time, unfortunately I have lost my scrapping motivation :( My goal this week is that I am going to be more motivated and do some scrapping. I have gone through and looked at the challenge blogs and have lots of ideas to get the creative juices flowing again :) Plus I have brought a few new papers & embellishments - always a great way to get inspired LOL