Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I'm getting to the op shops more regularly now and loving it :)I found the MOST EXCITING  treasure!!

Material (to make book bags to donate to the school on Mystery Island) $2 each

Yellow bucket 50c, white ceramic planter / vase (to match the planter I found last week) $1 and peach ceramic planter (will be giving this a spray paint makeover) $2

Pyrex bowl and square dish $1 each

Necklace $3

Tshirt $3.50

Wooden peacock letter opener 50c

And my MOST EXCITING find...The one I actually found and decided NOT to buy...then realised it would be petfect and crossed my fingers it was still there 5 days later and was soooo excited to see it still there...........

This cabinet!!!  Fot only $40!!!
A cabinet for my scraproom had been on my wish list since we brought the house.  Even thought this cabinet was perfect I hesitated because of the glass front, but after thinking about it I realised I could just remove the glass and store baskets in the space. .I'm going to give it a paint makeover o just need to decide on the shade of blue.

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dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

love this cabinet-love dee