Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making our house a home

I am almost finished unpacking - there a number of  boxes with all the bits & pieces that need to find a place in our home (I keep those boxes in the spare room AKA the room of shame!  LOL)   As we have been unpacking I have been sorting and donating anything that we no longer need.  I spring clean and de-clutter every year (that way our house doesn't look like something from "Hoarders" TOFL), but anyone who has ever rented knows you keep items / furniture "just in case" you need it for the next house.  Now that we have our own home, we know how much space we have.  We are fortunate that the house has been recently painted inside and outside (in nuetral colours) with new carpet, so now all that's left is to decorate it in our style :)  I'm so excited to be able to decorate the house - hang pictures where ever I want - find furniture to fit in the rooms.

Even before we started house hunting I was looking for a chalkboard style "house rules"  I knew what I was looking for and it took me months, but I found the perfect one just after we signed the contract.  It was the first thing I hung up in the house!

I  also purchased this large photo frame before we moved in.  No I just need to stop being lazy and get photos printed to fill it :)

I found this cushion at kmart a few weeks ago - matches the walls perfectly!

Another wooden word art / hanging -also from Kmart.  I'm going to decorate one of the spare rooms in  grey and blue tones with a ocean theme.

Another wooden sign - this one is for the laundry.

I brought this funky hexagon shadow box from Typo after the cruise last year - I think it looks cute filled with some of my owls :)

It will take me a while to finish decorating - I have a few pieces of furniture and other furnishing to find.  Once the rooms are finished I will share photos :)

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