Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Australia Day weekend

We had a very sociable long weekend :)  Saturday mum, Kate and the kids come over for a swim - lots of fun splashing in the pool before having some lunch.  Australia Day we had Craig's work-mates over for a swim and pizza.  It  was a lovely, relaxed evening catching up with everyone.  I didn't take any pictures of the party (for privacy reasons), but couldn't resist taking one of the cake Jazzi brought!!  wowsers - chocolate cake with cream and caramel filling and topped with ganache!!


Monday was a quiet day, pottering around the house and relaxing.  Tuesday I babysat Cohan and Jaxson for a bit - lots of games and cuddles.  It was Jaxson's first time being babysat at Aunty's and there was no tears - woo hoo!

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