Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I was so excited to head off on my first thrifting adventure for 2014!  I have a few things on my list, but I always enjoy finding random goodies :)  I popped into 3 shops - 2 were great, but no luck on the 3rd one.

An item on my list - baskets!  I found this one for $1.  The blue water bottle was a perfect timed find - I had only just broken my current bottle 2 days earlier.  The retro mug was an odd find -I'm guessing the top owl was part of a trinket box - but loving the mug for $1 :).

A series of 3 books - I am not sure if there are any more in the series.

Milk glass S&P shakers- $1

A blue / green plastic bowl for 5c.  Love Op Shop Mama's collection and thought these would be more suitable to use around the pool / BBQ area.   Ceramic Christmas tray $1 and Aussie themed Christmas biscuit tin $2.

Pyrex dish - $2

2x large wire baskets for $1 each - I brought these to help organise our wardrobesl

Sweet green sunglasses $1

I'm linking up with Sir thrift A Lot - make sure you pop over and check out what everyone else has found :)

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