Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Due to my eye surgery, I'm a bit behind in sharing my recent op shop finds.  I managed to pop into a few fave shops a few days before I had my operation and found some lovely treasures :)

These gorgeous tall planters $7 each.  I will give them a coat of paint and put them on the front verandah.  I'm thinking about trying my hand at mosaic and decorating the top.

I was super excited to find these wooden wall hangings / pictures / decoration!  I had seen them in kmart a few months ago and considered buying them, but wasn't entirely sure if I wanted a nautical theme for the guest room.  The $1 each price tag on these changed my mind though ;)

Oval Pyrex dish $3

Last trip and this week I found some fabric 20c each and zippers 10c-50c each.  I have found a few tutorials demonstrating how to make lined pouches / cosmetic bags and can't wait to try them!

Another amazing Pyrex find - the biggest Spring Blossom cinderella bowl at a bargain $3!!  I actually found this in the linen section of the op shop - looks like someone changed their mind about buying it.  Oh well, their change of mind was my gain :)

Small blue plastic bowl 25c - I'm trying to get a small collection of these so I can use them for entertaining around the pool area.

An anusual Pyrex find - butter dish $6.  A bit more than I would normally consider paying, but I had never seen one before and didn't want to have "non-buyers remorse" if I didn't buy it LOL

One more item crossed off the wish list!  An egg poacher - $3

Have you found any wonderful treasures lately?

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