Saturday, June 21, 2014

Organisation - Laundry Cupboard

On the same day that we organised the linen cupboards, we also organised the laundry cupboard.   It was so full of random stuff that we couldn't even close it properly - oops!  

Cupboard - before

First of all we started off by taking everything out of the cupboards.   I brought some plastic baskets to keep everything more organised.  We moved the ironing board to the linen cupboard and then screwed some hooks into the right side of the cupboard and put broom, steam mop and dustpan/brush in there.

We also did mini organisations of the tool box and first aid kits.  We took all the tools out of the tool box and put any doubles / rarely used tools into a plastic box in the garden shed.  

Sorting out the tool box - 

The first aid kit was 2 parts - one for the house and a small one for the boat.  We emptied everything out of the boxes and threw away any expired medicines / lotions or damaged bandages.   Then repacked everything from the HUGE box we had orginally stored it in, into a smaller basket.

First aid kits - After

Laundry cupboard - After

Top shelf - Toilet paper
2nd shelf - first aid basket and torches
3rd shelf - basket of DIY stuff - screws, glue, masking tape, etc and tool box 
4th shelf - basket of misc - batteries, extension cords, pool testing kits, etc and car cleaning products
Bottom shelf - basket of dog stuff - leads, brushes, flea spray, etc and dog food

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