Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyday Moments

We brought a sander to work on a few DIY projects and I got some colour charts for the cupboard - still trying to find the perfect shade of blue to use :)

Now the temps have dropped the slow cooker has been used a bit more - Craig cooked lamb shanks with creamy garlic mashed potatoes one night - delicious!

Craig's mum went to Sydney a few weeks ago and saw the Babushka dolls at the markets and brought them for me :)

This cheeky fellow has made himself quite at home!  Since we couldn't find his owners, we have named him Oscar and introduced him to the dogs :)  So far we haven't had any fights - Indy has tried to be the alpha dog and boss him around, but Jedi is content to just follow him around and lick him LOL

1 comment:

Linda M said...

Ohhhhh one of the ladies at work has a cat called Oscar and he's a bit of a terror.....good luck with your Oscar..