Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Mum and I did some op shopping today :)   As usual, I found some great bargains! This necklace was $3 and the cute diamante brooch was $2.

A pottery bowl for $1 - I was looking for a container to store my hairbands / clips and this was perfect!

More books - $2 each.

A cake decorating book ($2) and another Tupperware container ($3).

My most exciting find / best bargain of the day.... a book seat. I had considered buying one previously, but the $39.95 price tag put me off.  I am excited to share that I found this one brand new (still with label on) for $2.50!!! Even better - it's in my favourite colour PINK!

Cruise countdown...24 days!

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