Saturday, October 13, 2012


I have been crazy busy this week!  The kids went home Wednesday - going to miss them :( I have been finishing off my spring cleaning which is a HUGE annual job...washing curtains, cleaning windows, washing doona covers / doilies/tablecloths/etc, sorting out cupboards, sorting clothes, etc. I have also been rushing around buying the all last minute things for the cruise, getting the animals organised (mum is house / pet sitting while we are away and packing - I'm almost finished! Happy dance :)

Because I don't like to post without a photo - I wanted to share this cute "whimsy" that Cassie made me! I thought this would be great to serve dips with chips / biscuits / raw veges, but Cassie pointed out that it would also make a wonderful jewellery stand :) You could hang your earrings on the edge of the bowl, put rings in the bowl and necklaces / bracelets on the plates.

Cruise countdown...2 days!

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