Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kyie's hens night

Only 2 more weeks till Kylie & Mick's wedding!  Kylie had her hen's night on Saturday night - dinner at a local sports club with friends.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, chatted about all things wedding and drank bubbly :)  After the meal, we headed into the entertainment lounge to have some cocktails, do a bit of dancing and more chatting.  It was a great night and I didn't get home till midnight!



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zerry ht said...

Hen's party dinners with mock tails are also quite in trend now. Joined my friend at her cousin's bachelorette event. Everything was so well planned with perfect arrangements. Liked the location of Los Angeles venues and dinner prepared by renowned caterers. Thai food was the best I ever had till now. Dj and anchor made the atmosphere lively.