Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pregnancy Week 25-28

Week 25
While mum was visiting Kate at Christmas time they went through her cupboards and packed up all the baby stuff Jaxson no longer needed.  Mum brought it all home and washed it for me.  It was exciting going through all the bags - there was clothes, blankets, shoes, baby sling, cot sheets, etc.

Week 26
We started antenatal classes this week.

Week 27
Baby is a lot more active!  He punches, kicks and does somersaults regularly.  I can now see him when he kicks my belly :)  He doesn't like it when I rest my iPad on my belly and kicks it - so funny to see my iPad bouncing around!  While Craig was resting his head on my belly, talking to bubby - bubby kicked him in the head - LOL!

Week 28
We've cleaned the last of the boxes out of the nursery - woo hoo!  Now it's just all baby stuff in there :) We brought a new dresser, which was delivered Monday and I managed to buy a change table from FB classifieds.  I've started washing all the clothes / blankets and will start putting them in the drawers this weekend.  Baby is going to start out sleeping in our room in his bassinet, but we laybuyed a cot and mattress this week ready for when he outgrows the bassinet.Baby is still very active and I've had a new sensation of feeling him slowly stretch out his limbs which is different to the quick punches / kicks.

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