Monday, July 6, 2015

Pocket Letter

There is a new paper craft trend hitting the www and I had to jump on board...Pocket Letters!  The best explanation of this is on Janette Lane's blog.  Make sure you pop over for a look and check out the tutorials and pictures.  I recently signed up for for my first pocket letter swap and chose a colour swap.  My partner put light pink as her colour (with accents of pastels / white / gold).  I had fun going through my papers and embellishment stash and creating the pocket.  Some cards / papers I kept plain and others I had a go at decorating / embellishing them.

Pocket 1 - Die cut "hello" card and letter
Pocket 2 - Decorated card and die cut DIY bows
Pocket 3 - Plain card and washi tape 
Pocket 4 - Decorated card and stickers
Pocket 5 - Decorated card and clips / pegs
Pocket 6 - Plain card and die cuts
Pocket 7 - Plain card and twine
Pocket 8 - Plain card, mason jar sticker and DIY enamel dots
Pocket 9 - Decorated quote card and decorative tape / stickers

All wrapped up and ready to post!  I hope my swap partner like it :)

I will be participating in more swaps :)

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