Monday, August 17, 2015

Everyday Moments

Just popping in to share some recent everyday pictures.

My friend Chris sent us this very cute owl (made from washers, baby blankets and nappies) - it's way too cute to unwrap and use though! LOL

Cathie, Amanda, myself and our mums had a mother & daughter night out - we went to see "A Royal Night Out".  It was a funny and enjoyable movie - definately recommend it.  After the movie we found a coffee shop so we could have a catch up.

My friend (from high school) Jenny was heading to Brisbane for a hen's night and made a detour into town so we could catch up.  We spent a lovely few hours chatting over coffee before she continued on the way. 

A surprise delivery early one Saturday morning (while still in my PJ and with crazy bed hair) - salted caramel cupcakes from Kylie :)

We went to a baptism & royal ball birthday party on the weekend.  Here's our spunky little man dressed as Prince Charming :)

Me and my sweet little man out to breakfast one lazy Sunday :)

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