Friday, September 23, 2016

Lizard Tales

**If you are squeamish, I would suggest skipping this post :)

I went downstairs to the the laundry and found this just outside the toilet door - approx 10cm long skink tail - ewwww!  Sent Craig a photo and posted it on FB (hey, had to share my horror with everyone else LOL)  I won't post the texts I sent Craig - was a few swear words to emphasis my disgust :)  My biggest concern was where was the rest of the skink?!? Craig was tormenting me by telling me that Indy had eaten it :(

It got worse when I went to the toilet and found this......

Even more disgusting!!  Seriously - it's like a horror story!!  Bits of dismembered body all over the place!

Next time I start to head downstairs I spotted this guy - seriously are they sending in a search and rescue party now?!?! LOL

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