Saturday, February 11, 2017

Everyday Moments

Kylie and Charlee popped into see Cathie and I at work a few weeks ago :)

Mum gave me a bag of zucchini so I had a go at making zucchini chips - very delicious, but will leave them cook a bit longer / crisp up more next time.

The temperatures have been extremely high this summer - we've spent a lot of time in the air-con or swimming and enjoying cooling ice blocks - lazy summer days.

We all joined the library last week - I got sick of re-reading the same books on my bookshelf.

Mum made me a pillowcase pattern dress and shirt using a single sheet Diane had gotten me from the op shop (she thought it was a cot sheet).  Lovely fit and sooo nice and cool in this hot weather!  Already discussing going to Spotlight to get some fabric to make more :)

Clay having a play with some new paint brushes I brought him recently - not sure if he got more paint on the paper or on himself LOL

Diane had to look after Ryley one day recently, so he spent the day at home playing with Clay - they had a ball playing with lego, wathcing movies and drawing with chalk :)

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