Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Super Cell

Late yesterday afternoon we were hit with a super cell storm.  I've never seen / esperienced a storm like that - it was insane!!  I was still at work when it hit - so didn't see the storm rolling in, but there were some amazing photos posted on Facebook.  These 2 are the most stunning!!

(Photo credit - Inzane Images)

(Photo credit - Sandy James Horton)

The shopping centre where Craig works was evacuated due to water coming into the building.   On the way home we saw power lines down, whole trees pulled up from the roots, fences knocked over- all from 30 mins of storm!!  We got home and found the only damage was half the tree at the front had been kocked down.  

We didn't have any power so got the torch and glow sticks out :)  I love this picture of Clay!

We eneded up getting power back at lunch time today - 19 hours after the storm hit.  We are lucky - there's still a few people without power.

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