Sunday, February 5, 2012

Men's beanie

I finished another beanie this week! I made 3 other beanies for my friend Nettie and her 2 girls last year (posted here) and wanted to make one for Dennis (Nettie's hubby) too. After a search I found a more masculine pattern (and used variegated wool again LOL). There is a cold snap happening in Holland at the moment - so these will come in very handy :) Better hurry up and post them this week!!

We went out to dinner with Craig's workmates to a Mexican themed restaurant last night. There were a few drinks, yummy meals and lots of laughing & chatting :)

I picked the first cucumber from the vege garden today :)

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Linda M said...

Hi Shandell, love the beanie, can I order a ladies one for next simplycrafty meeting?