Friday, March 16, 2012

Beaded creations

I forgot to share pics of these gorgeous beaded goodies! I went to a bead party at Diane's (Cathie's mum) a few weekends ago. Diane's lovely friend Elaine makes a variety of beaded items and set up her stock for us to look through and buy. I brought a few lovely things - this crocheted mug / glass cover (great for when you are having a drink outside and what to keep bugs out of your drink!). I've seen a few variations of this idea around blog-land and think I will have a go at creating some!

A beaded bookmark - what a great idea!! I have a stash of beautiful glass beads - might be time to dust them off and finally use them for this idea!!

I brought this bracelet for one of my niece's birthdays - it would have been nice to be able to get 2 horse themed bracelets, so the girls don't fight over it, but unfortunately Elaine only had one in stock :(

Elaine lives on the Sunshine Coast QLD - if you are interested in any of her gorgeous beaded creations let me know and I will pass on her email address :)

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