Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready for some cooking...

I popped into Aldi (supermarket) on Thursday - just to buy a cake container that was on special and walked out with some cute things to do some cooking :) I am such an impulse buyer! LOL I'm going to pop them into the cupboard for Easter - hoping to do some cooking with Cohan. I haven't done any cooking since the Christmas cooking last year - so looking forward to it!!

I did manage to get my cake container - which I'm super excited about!! I have a few Tupperware / plastic cake tins, but they aren't high enough. This one is perfect and even better has handles, which will make it easy to carry my cakes / goodies to parties :)

I also brought another cookbook - I have a slight addiction to cookbooks, especially Women's Weekly ones!! I think I like looking through the recipes and drooling over the pictures, more than cooking! LOL

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