Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pregnancy Week 10-14

Week 10
Due to a few reasons, my doctor has referred me to the hospital to do share care - so it looks like a combination of doctor and hospital visits to make sure all goes well with my pregnancy and baby.

Week 11
We had a scare this week - a 3am trip to the ER for some spotting.  After blood tests and an ultrasound it was confirmed that baby is fine and that spotting is normal.  We had a ultrasound to check on baby.  We were so amazed that in just 4 weeks since our first scan that it now looks like a baby!

We shared our secret with our brothers & sisters who were shocked, but very excited for us :)

Week 12
We had the 12 week ultrasound - the sonographer confirmed baby is still growing well.  They did the Nuchal Fold scan and blood test to check for Down's Syndrome, which came back no issues.

We were excited to finally be able to announce our pregnancy to friends!  I had so much fun looking for ideas and then taking photos of the fur-babies (they didn't think it was as fun though LOL).

Week 13
Due to a family history of diabetes I had the Glucose screening test earlier than usual, unfortunately the test came back slightly over the normal range so I need to have a Glucose Tolerance Test.

Week 14
I had the Glucose Tolerance Test and will find out the results when we get back from the cruise.

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