Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pregnancy Week 6-9

Week 6
After 2 weeks of constant nausea, exhaustion (coming home from work and having a sleep) and frequently nightly trips to the loo I knew something was up and thought I was having issues with my liver / sugar levels again.  Then my boobs got really sore (TMI/?!? Sorry LOL) and that got me wondering if I could be pregnant.  After nearly a decade of unsuccessful fertility treatment I didn't have my hopes up, but wanted to rule it out before I went to the doctors for tests.  I brought some pregnancy tests and was shocked when I saw a faint line!  I promptly did a 2nd test which had an even darker line.  Craig and I were both stunned!

We went to the doctors the next day who did another test and congratulated us!  We didn't want to get excited till we had a blood test to confirm it though.

Week 7
After a sleepless / excited / nervous / impatient weekend, we finally got the blood results back on Monday afternoon which confirmed we were pregnant!!  We told my mum and Craig's parents - both mums were so shocked & excited - lots of crying and hugging :)  Tuesday I had an ultrasound to confirm baby was in the right place (not an eptopic pregnancy) - it was very surreal to see the embryo (I shed a few excited / relieved / happy tears).

Week 8 & 9
After finding out I was pregnant, I changed my eating habits to eat small meals 4-6 times a day instead of 3 meals and found that helped my nausea symptoms.   I stopped fighting my exhaustion and just started having more nanna naps.

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