Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pregnancy Week 33 - 37

Week 33
Our long awaited for appointment to Brisbane.  We had appointments with the obstetrician and anesthetist to discuss birthing options.   We have been advised that I need to go to Brisbane at 36 weeks to have another ultrasound and then wait to have baby.  They have advised that if baby is still breech. then I will be having a c-section at 38-39 weeks.  I had a blood test and booked in the ultrasound.  We popped into Ronald McDonald House discuss the accommodation and book in our stay.

I packed the nappy bag and my hospital bag (yes I did buy the cute car bag after I found out we were having a boy LOL).

Week 34
The random vomitting and nausea has returned.  Baby is still very active - I spend so much time just watching him move around my belly.  Amanda has had a de-clutter and dropped off a disposable nappy bin, 2 boxes and 1 bag of baby clothes, blankets, toys, etc - we are now pretty much set for clothes until baby is 2 years old :)

I had my last antenatal clinic visit till Brisbane.  I have had a few Braxton Hicks - that was interesting!

Week 35 
My belly seems to have "popped" from out of nowhere and we realised that we hadn't taken any belly shots to record my pregnancy - so Craig decided to snap some pics :)

I sorted through Amanda's stuff and Craig set up the cot.

Week 36 
Mum and I travel down to Brisbane and settle into Ronald McDonald House.  I have an ultrasound to check baby's position - he has finally turned around from breech position and is head down ready :)

Week 37 
I had an appointment with the obstetrician to discuss my birth plan.  After a discussion and explaining my reasons - the doctor agrees to a c-section which we book in!  I have 2x antenatal clinic visits to check my blood pressure.

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