Friday, March 27, 2015

Ronald McDonald House

While we were in Brisbane, we stayed in the Ronald McDonald House.  It was the perfect "home away from home" and only a few minutes walk to the hospital.  There are 2 houses at RMH - with rooms on the upper levels, and communal kitchens and dining rooms downstairs.  Our kitchen / dining room was being renovated for the first 2 weeks we were there, so we just had to use the kitchen in the other house.  House 1 had the reception and quiet room (adults only).House 2 had the lounge room, 2 kids activity rooms, BBQ / balcony area and the laundry.  Our room was in House 1 and was lovely and spacious, with a balcony that overlooked some bushland and the back of the hospital.  We would spend afternoons watching the birds and people coming & going.

Our room

View from our room balcony 

House 1 (renovated) kitchen

House 1 (renovated) dining room

Quiet room (adults only)

House 2 kitchen

House 2 dining room

Lounge room

Mum and I were a bit worried we would spend most of our time in our room and get bored easily, but after a few days we met some lovely ladies and spent time with them.  We would catch up at meal times and then started to have "movie nights" - watching movies in the communal lounge room.

Every Wednesday night a community group would come in to prepare and serve a meal and dessert.  Menus were posted beforehand, so we knew what we were having.  The week before Easter we were spoilt with a Wednesday night meal, a hot breakfast Thursday morning and then an Easter meal on Friday night.  The Treasury Casino prepared the Easter meal - it was a delicious buffet and the had a lolly buffet where the kids could decorate their own Easter eggs (handmade by the casino).

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