Monday, April 20, 2015

Clayton's Birth Story

I really wanted to share (and record) Clayton's birth story.  Warning - long post and lots of pictures :)

After lots of research, discussion and speaking to the obstestician we opted to have an elective c-section.  We booked the surgery, but decided to keep it a surprise and only told our parents.  After a restless night's sleep we were up at 5am so that I could have some water and medication before my nil-by-mouth began.  I had a shower and double checked my hospital bag, then Craig and I walked over to the hospital (while mum waited impatiently for the call at RMH).  We went to admissions at 6.30am to fill in paperwork and wait to be called.  

Just before 8am my name was called and we headed to the birth suites.  There I went through some more paperwork, was prepped for surgery, got dressed in surgical gown & compression stockings and had some more medication.  After a short wait in the waiting room it was time to head to pre-surgery.  Craig was taken to change into scrubs.

One last (nervous looking) photo before we go!

We went into the pre-surgery room to start on the drips and epidural.  It took 2 goes (and 2 lots of local anaesthetic) to insert my cannula / IV drip, then into sitting position to get ready to insert the epidural needle.  It took 5 attempts and nearly an hour to finally get the epidural inserted, but the anaesthetist and surgical staff where so lovely and I felt very relaxed and calm the whole time.  Once the epidural needle / tube was in, the anaesthetist took another hour put the anaesthetic slowly in and kept checking to see it was working by running an ice cube over my body.  My blood pressure rose to crazy level of 210/130 and my heart stated to skip a beat.  I was terrified that I was going to have a heart attack or that they would stop the epidural and just put my under general anesthetic, but once all the anesthetic was inserted I was wheeled into the theatre and moved onto the operating table.   

Once I was settled Craig was allowed in, the screen was put up and surgery started!  In less then 10 minutes the doctor told Craig to get the camera ready.  The doctor told us that baby was breech (yes he had turned back around!!) and was coming out feet first.  Baby came out and let out a cry.  It was at that moment that I actually stopped panicking and breathed a sigh of relief that baby was born safe and alive.  Doctor lifted baby up over the screen so we could see him and we both started sobbing.

The nurses took baby over to be weighed, measured, cleaned & wrapped while the doctor removed my placenta.  Craig was invited to cut the cord and to take as many photos as he wanted.  The nurse asked baby's name and Craig officially announced his name - Clayton Tyler Hawkshaw.  One of the nurses took the camera from Craig and took a heap of photos for us.

They brought Clayton over to me for a quick cuddle - our first family photo!

While the doctor finished stitching my up - Craig and Clayton went out to wait for me in the recovery area and make calls to both mums to let them know baby had arrived safe & sound.  I was wheeled out to the recovery area, where I was monitored and had some skin-to-skin time with Clayton and he had a feed.  After we got the all clear we headed up to the ward where mum was waiting impatiently to meet her newest grandchild.

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