Saturday, May 2, 2015

Clay @ 1 Month

Weight - 4110g
Length - 53cm

I can't believe our little man is one month already!!  Life has definately changed for us, but we are loving every minute of it :)  We are so lucky that he is such a happy and placid baby - he really only cries when he's hungry or needs a nappy change.  We joke he is our little alarm clock, because he is on a (approx) 3 hour feeding schedule.

Rolled from his front to back @ 2 weeks which we thought was a fluke, until a week later when we put him on a blanket to do some tummy time and he did it again 3x in a row!

HATES tummy time - rolls immediately onto his back everytime we put him on his stomach.

Is a total water baby - loves to have baths.  Sometimes when he is really unsettled we pop him in a bath and he calms down immediately.  

Still holds his head up and is able to keep it steady (less jelly neck).

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