Saturday, May 9, 2015

Everyday Moments

As usual, just sharing some pics of everyday moments lately - just those random photos that don't really need a whole blog post of their own, but something I still want to share.

While we were in Brisbane, Mum and I caught a bus to Chermside shopping centre (serious shopping heaven!!) and I got to visit Daiso again!

The newborn & baby boy bounty bags - got to love freebies :)

Kylie spoilt me with this gorgeous necklace to celebrate Clay's birth.  It is so beautiful - it made my cry (damn baby hormones LOL)

I have brought all the wool for a cot sized ripple blanket - now to decide the colour order and find the time to start it :)

Breakfast and catch up with the girls this morning.  First time leaving Clay (a little nervous about that LOL), but wonderful to spend some time just enjoying the company of two amazing women xo  I usually order a savoury dish, but Kylie was having brioche again and I thought I would try it - yummy!

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