Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everyday Moments

Just sharing those random photos / moments that don't really need a whole blog post of their own :) 

Clay had his first road trip a few weeks ago - we went to Hervey Bay for the day so Craig could meet up with his new area manager for work.  Craig and Clay smooching at lunch :)

While we were at the shopping centre I got my first taste of frozen yoghurt - oh so yummy!!  I tried peanut butter, chocolate and coconut.  Wish we had a fro-yo shop here!

Flowers "just because" from Craig :)

We had some apples that needed to be eaten / used up, so I had a go at making my own version of an upside down / tea cake with custard - very yummy!

Lunch with the girls!

I received these gorgeous stamps in the mail as a RAK from a lovely lady from a PL fb group.

Flowers for our 16th wedding anniversary <3 nbsp="" p="">

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