Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clay's 1st Birthday - Part 1

*Photo heavy posts - so I have done this in 2 parts :)

Today we celebrated a very special occasion - Clay's 1st birthday!  Family and friends joined us for a BBQ, cake and a jumping castle :)  Craig made the amazing (and delicious rainbow layer cake).  Clay had a wonderful time - he bounced on the jumping castle, ate cake, socialised with everyone and unwrapped presents like a pro!

We took Clay down to have a bounce on the jumping castle by himself before all the other kids arrived :)

Then all the guests arrived - lots of chatting and catching up.

We had nibblies and kid's party food to start, then Craig cooked a delicious BBQ with salads (thanks to both mums for making salads too).

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CraftySteph said...

Oh my! He's one already?! Happy first birthday Clayton (and mommy!) So special!