Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Road Trip to Hervey Bay

Yesterday Craig and I both had the day off, so decided to go on a road trip.  We had planned on spending the day enjoying the beach at Agnes Water, but woke to dark clouds and a rainy day weather forecast :(  We decided to go to Hervey Bay instead - it is closer and wouldn't worry us if we had to spend some time indoors avoiding any light showers.  Clay slept most of the way - woo hoo ;)  When we arrived we found a park and let Clay run around and stretch his legs a bit.

After a quick play, we went in search of some lunch and decided on the Boat Club.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch - check out our gorgeous view!!  They also had some amazing "Finding Nemo" fish tanks which we enjoyed looking at.

From the Boat Club we headed to the Botanic Gardens - it was lovely to wander through the gardens and we found a beautiful Japanese Garden.

On the way home we stopped at the iconic whale and snapped a family photo :)

It was a wonderful day out and we were lucky that there was no rain!

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