Sunday, July 31, 2016

Childer's Multicultural Festival

We were looking forward to the Multicultural festival this year :)  We woke up to perfect weather and decided to head off early to try and avoid the crowds - bahahaha When we got there the were thousands of people there already - oh well :)

Clay was not a happy camper with the huge crowds / loud music - he burst into tears and wanted out of his stroller and in daddy's arms were it was safe :(  He continued to cry as we walked around, but once we got away from the stalls / crowd and found somewhere to sit - he settled back down to his happy self.

We ate some lunch and listened to the live entertainment, then braved the crowds again for a bit more of a look around.

We stood for awhile listening to the bagpipes.

Happy in daddy's arms :)

Icecream makes everything better :)

Hopefully next year Clay isn't as scared of crowds and we can spend a bit longer there :)

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