Monday, January 16, 2017

Everyday Moments

We have been lucky enough to many catch ups with friends over the last two months - Kristy and her friends were in Hervey Bay just after Christmas and popped into visit us one day (forgot to take photos - so disappointed!).

I had to work, but Craig and Clay headed to the beach to join family to celebrate Brodie's birthday.

A friend I haven't seen since high school was in town on holidays recently and asked to catch up. It was lovely to meet Katrina's husband and daughter and to introduce her to Craig and Clay.  Tahlia won Clay over by showing him his photo in snapchat :)

Bec, Dale & the kids popped in briefly on their way home from the Sunshine Coast recently.  Clay had been napping when they arrivced, so wasn't exactly a social butterfly or excited to see them - oops.  Bec & Bella decided to photo bomb him in a photo LOL

We've had a few catch up swimming lessons due lately - it's amazing to see how much Clay has improved!

Clay LOVES his cubby house that Ma Ma got him for Christmas - he plays in it everytime we go outside.  He also takes great delight in shutting Indy in there if he's silly enough to follow Clay in LOL

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