Monday, June 12, 2017

My 40th Birthday Party!

I had an amazing night celebrating my 40th with family and friends!   Bec, Kristy and I got dressed early and headed over to the East End Hotel to decorate the room with pineapples and flamingos, set the music up, decorate the photo booth and set up the cupcakes.  Tanya, Bert & Bex arrived early and helped us set up.
Guests arrived and it was lovely to catch up with everyone and see them enjoying the photobooth.  We ordered our meals (I orrdered pork belly and scallops with orange sauce - delicious!) and chatted while we waited.

Bec gave a beautiful speech (that made me feel very loved and emotional LOL) before it was time to cut the cake.

My amazing (and very delicious) cake that Cathie organised for me :)

We set up a photobooth in the corner of the room - Cathie set up her equipment (camera, laptop & selphy printer) and everyone took lots of funny, silly photos :)  Once I work out how to download them, I will share more :)

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