Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My 40th Birthday Weekend!

Partying kicked off Friday when Kristy & Boo arrived at lunch time - they had stopped in at the Rum factory and the ginger beer factory on their way.

We headed to the shops to pick up a few last minute things - Craig abd Kristy went to grab the grocerries while Boo, Clay and I went to Kmart.  Craig and Kristy found us in Kmart, whee we wandered around buying a few bits & pieces - when we got to the checkouts Craig asked "where's the trollery (with the grocerries)?) - whoops Kristy got distracted and left it in the aisle!! Bahahahaha

Friday night there was lots of taste testing of the liquers while Kristy made 2 batches of cupcakes and I supervised LOL  After dinner we made rumballs with salted caramel rum liquer and chocolate condensed milk - yummy!  Boo rolled the rumballs in coconut and Kristy and I made the pineapple leaf toppers for the cupcakes.

Saturday morning was a bit of a slow start, but perked up a bit when we "Irished" up our hot chocolates at breakfast ;)  Hey, it was a "go big or go home" kinda weekend LOL

Kristy needed a nanna nap to re-energise before the other visitors arrived and the shennanigans began ;)

Cupcakes were iced and 

Bec, Dale & Kids arrived just as we were heading to the airport to pick up Chris :)  We all got back home and had some lunch, before spending a few hours chatting and then getting ready for the party.

The after party saw us partying till after 2am - lots of laughing, silly-ness and photos that will not be shared on any social media ;) Craig and Dale went to bed early with the kids - thank heavens for responsible parents LOL Yes, I am drinking wine out of a mason jar - we're all class in this house :)  I may have gone to bed fully clothed LOL

Sunday morning we got up (AKA dragged our butts out of bed! LOL) and Becca cooked us bacon & eggs for breakfast. I can boast that I didn't have a hangover, but some others (cough cough Kristy....) had to go back to bed after breakfast ha ha! 

The kids played together and we all chatted some more.  Lunch time came and Bec & Co headed off, followed by Kristy and Boo an hour later, then an hour later we dropped Chris off at the airport.

It was the perfect weekend filled with family and friends to celebrate a huge birthday!

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