Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Camping Trip Day 3 - Part 3 & Day 3

After lunch we headed over to the other playground with BMX track and flying fox so the kids (and big kid Becca) could burn off some energy.

These photos of Becca make me laugh out loud everytime I look at them :) She really wasn't expecting the slide to be that steep or fast LOL

Becca, Dale and the kids went on horse and carriage ride.

Clay and Bella asking the chicken why it crossed the road! LOL

Kristy, mum, the kids and I went for a walk down to the billabong.

After a BBQ dinner we piled into the caravan and played UNO with the kids, when it was time for them to head to bed Kristy, Bec and I stayed up and played "Disturbed Friends" - it was crazy and hilarious!!

Day 3 - We woke up early and enjoyed a leisurely pancake breakfast and started to pack up.  After nearly all the gear was packed and just the tents and caravan annex were left it started raining :( We were all annoyed and not happy so decided to skip the markets and head home - Bec and Dale were going to skip amyway due to having along way to travel home.  We did all agree with the rain and chill we had a fantastic time and we need another camping trip in a few months - somewhere near a beach this time :)

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